Beyond Belief – Rapatrié

October 27, 2017

“Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times.”

­­— Psalm 106:1 & 3

The town of Cité Soleil has the most massive garbage dump in the city of Port-au-Prince, and possibly the country of Haiti. The garbage dump location is between Baie de Port-au-Prince and Cité Soleil, the largest slum in the western hemisphere, Cité Soleil contains three urban areas: Duvivier, and the Villages of Rapatrié and Truttier, located in the garbage dump that sits north of the city.


Rapatrié was built on a garbage dump that is overcrowded, with many Haitians living in shacks made from corrugated steel, empty shipping containers, and make-shift tents. The area sits on a watery ground that is 12-14 feet deep with garbage and human waste. Medical waste, including vials from blood tests, is dumped alongside other trash at the garbage dump. It was the only water-drinking source for this impoverished and rough community of Cité Soleil. The people have no access to safe drinking water, toilets, or electricity.


We have come to this area known as Rapatrié to meet many of the poorest of the poor, who have little or no way to move their families to a safer area.


On this day, Bobby and I came to bring food to the Tisson family and learn more about them.


Tisson and his family live in and eat from the garbage dump. This family is one of the many living in this dangerous area of Cité Soleil. The father searches through the garbage to find anything he can sell to buy food for his family.


Everything they have in their house was collected from the trash. They have one bed that’s not very good, where they all sleep. Madamn Tisson said, “I found the sheets in the garbage dump and washed them in order to use them.


We only eat food that we find in the trash, like rotten bread and meat. We clean the food, boil it and make soup so that we have something to eat. That’s all we have!


Mr. Tisson said, “We moved here from Cité Soleil, with our four children. I worked here picking up bottles, but every time I traveled to come here, there was shooting in the street. I have some heart issues, so it is less stressful and safer to live here. We put our money together and bought this place. I don’t have a job, so I have no choice but to go to the garbage and look for empty cans to sell in order to survive. During our conversation, he says, “I’d love to be able to put my kids in school and educate them. Anything to find a way to get them out of this garbage dump. I like to work. I can do construction and electrical work.”


We told the family that we have some food for them, and a new bible too. We asked him, “Do you know Jesus?”


We gave the family a box of food, a little money as well and asked him to stay in contact, and we would see how the Lord wants to use us in this family’s life.


Bobby and I are committed to helping these poor people who have to live in the garbage dump and try to scrape out a living scrounging through the refuse every day to find something to sell for food, or some discarded food, which is not too rotten. Many families need to find a way out of the garbage dump so that they can raise their children in a clean and safe environment and have a place for their kids to go to school.


We are so grateful that so many of you have the love and compassion to help us bring not only food and clothing to the poorest of the poor but also some hope and dignity to these precious people of Haiti. This is where we need your help. These poor Haitians all have dreams for their children to have a better life than living in one of the world’s worst garbage dump. If you would like to make a contribution and make a difference in the lives of poor Haitians, who suffer in the mountains of garbage, please email us at [email protected]. You may also give securely online, or call our office at 239-210-6107 and let a staff member know that you want to help. Whatever small thing you do unto the poor today, you do it unto Jesus!

Food gives Hope, and Hope makes us live!

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God bless you!


Meet our Youngest Missionary – Kaeli Fletcher

October 19, 2107

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear…”

— 1 Peter 3:15

Kaeli Fletcher and Haitian babies.


You never know what will happen when you answer the call of the Lord! At a young age, Kaeli Fletcher heard the call of the Lord for mission work. She didn’t know where or how, but the “seed” of mission work had been planted in her heart. Kaeli is from Texas, and a long way from Haiti, so how did she find Love A Child? She was thinking about taking a short-term mission trip, and she saw a Love A Child TV Program. Kaeli began learning more about our work in Haiti and decided to join a Love A Child volunteer team for one week.

Kaeli Fletcherhelping Sherry in Mobile Medical Clinic.


Her first trip to Haiti was in 2014 when she came as a volunteer on a short-term mission trip. After that trip, she returned with several other short-term mission teams. She was so enthusiastic, a great helper, wherever she volunteered. She had a great love for the children of Haiti. I thought what a beautiful young girl with a heart of gold. I prayed about her calling and wondered what the Lord had planned for this sweet young woman. She became more involved with Love A Child, always offering a kind and gentle hand at our Mobile Medical Clinics.

Kaeli Fletcher with volunteer medical team.


In June of 2015, we welcomed Kaeli, our youngest full-time missionary, to Love A Child. She has a “heart to serve,” no matter what is asked of her! There is no telling what God can do with a “committed heart” like hers! Kaeli works in our Mobile Medical Clinics and is helping with the children at our Love A Child Children’s Home.

Kaeli helps out anywhere she is needed.


Kaeli has grown so much as a young missionary that we now have passed on many of our day-to-day tasks to her, which she accepts with a joyful heart. These are some of the many duties she now handles on her own. She is a valuable member of our Mobile Medical Team that travels into the remote mountains of Haiti bringing medical care to the poorest of the poor.

Kaeli working the pharmacy at a Mobile Medical Clinic.


When we travel to other poor villages in Haiti, the children are the first ones to find Kaeli and hug her with joy. What a wonderful example of the love of Christ.

Children greet Kaeli with hugs of joy.


Now, she helps oversee our Kingdom Connection Warehouse. This is a huge job. Kaeli watches over the food and other items coming in and going out of the warehouse. She gives the Haitian workers their daily assignments, and she helps to keeps things organized. Kaeli is also the one in charge of our Food Distributions to other missionary groups and organizations. Here, Kaeli and our daughter Julie, share food boxes with other organizations.

Kaeli and Julie heling on Food Distribution Day.


Kaeli helps out at the Maternity Center passing out Birthing Kits and baby clothes to the soon-to-be mothers.

Kaeli brings Birthing Kits and baby clothes to the soon-to-be mothers


She loves visiting the children in the village of Old Letant, and they all are so excited to see Kaeli, especially when she has sweet treats.

Kaeli has sweet treats for the children of Old Letant.


Kaeli loves visiting with Madamn Adeline and her orphan children, where we are building a new orphanage. She has a special gift with children.

Kaeli loves visiting with Madamn Adeline and her orphan children


It takes a lot of patience when you have a big orphanage in Haiti. Kaeli is a tremendous help with the many projects for the children in our Love A Child Children’s Home, like keeping their rooms clean and organized. Helping with their homework, and other chores and the children adore her. Being not much older than some of our children, she has developed a special connection with them. Here she works with some of our older children, Florence and Julanne, getting the younger children ready for the new school year. We all know how hard it is when we have a few children. Imagine all the details of getting 70-plus children ready for the new school year! Kaeli is doing a great job with the children! She runs a tight ship!

Kaeli works with some of our older orphans.


This is Kaeli, with some of the children at our Love A Child Children’s Home. Each afternoon after homework, the children play outside, usually with our dogs. There are 70-plus children, and that number keeps growing. They all feel they belong to one big “family.”

 Kaeli, with some of the children at our Love A Child Children's Home.


In Her Own Words

“I remember when I was on that side of the program [watching], I was sitting in my living room working on my college classes. I probably had a Starbucks in my hand, just living my daily life. But when I saw one of these [Love A Child] programs come on, God spoke to me, and he touched my heart. He pulled me here. I knew nothing about Haiti, knew nothing about Bobby and Sherry. But God was pulling me here, and now I know why. The need is greater than ever before.”

Kaeli, In Her Own Words.


God may be calling you to the mission field of Haiti, as He did Kaeli and many others. You need to go on several “short-term mission trips,” and keep your heart open to what the Lord wants to do with your life! Find Mission Trip information here!

God bless our sweet missionary.


Love A Child’s Older Boys Seeking A Higher Education

September 30, 2017

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

— Romans 12:2

Recently, several of our older Love A Child boys came back to our Love A Child Children’s Home during their school break to visit us. We are so proud of these young men, who came from such terrible conditions of malnutrition, physical challenges and severe poverty to working hard in school to now seeking a higher education.

Love A Child Orphyan boys
The boys are (from left to right) Dieuferly, Yonel, Georges and Mikael, with Bobby in the back, are continuing their education.


Dieuferly d’Or was born in the mountain village of Covant. He was born with bilateral clubfoot and was severely malnourished with red hair. His mother, Rosena Pierre was too poor to feed him or get any medical care. He was unable to walk.

born with bilateral clubfoot


We brought him to our children’s home almost 20 years ago. With the help of our partners and sponsors, we were able to get him the many surgeries he desperately needed to correct his clubfeet.

surgeries that he desperately needed to correct his clubfeet.


These operations were a very long and painful process for this little boy, but he endured. With lots of healthy food and love, he grew into a tall, delightful young boy.

A tall, delightful young boy


He is all grown up now. He travels with us to talk to children in poor villages where our outreach programs go to bring food and medical care. He has become a spokesperson for our Child Sponsorship Program speaking about how he was an orphan we rescued from a poor village like the one he is visiting now.

He travels with us to talk to children in poor villages


Today, he is working and studying videography and editing. He often works with our Love A Child video crew, getting practical experience for his new career. We can’t wait to see what the Lord will do with this young man. He loves music and plays in a band with his Love A Child brothers. They often play at church and our crusades.

he is working and studying videography and editing



We found Yonel during a Mobile Medical Clinic high up in the mountain village of Greffin. His parents had died, and a family that practiced voodoo was caring for him. He wasn’t much more than a skeleton and was abused and nearly starved to death.

He wasn’t much more than a skeleton.


We brought him to our Love A Child Children’s Home where he was given proper nutrition and love, and he is doing great.

Orphan growing up


He has grown up to be an amazing young man who has great plumbing skills, Yonel graduated from plumbing school in 2014.

Graduate from Technical School


He is a great help around the Love A Child compound. He is now attending a technical school to learn diesel mechanics, and he is looking forward to serving the community. On weekends, he teaches our children in Bible Studies, and he has formed a Youth Singing Group at Love A Child.

he teaches our children in Bible Studies, and he has formed a Youth Singing Group at Love A Child.



Stanley became an orphan as a young boy when his parents, Marmita and Philemon died. He was initially taken to a very poor, dilapidated orphanage. A family relative saw him there and then came to me to see if we could take him at our Love A Child Children’s Home. We are so glad we did.

Stanley became an orphan as a young boy when his parents died.


He is growing up to be a fine, hard-working young man, who always wants to help others.

He is a hard-working young man.


He loves doing electrical and construction work and recently worked with our Haitian Construction crew, and Mark Ostrander has been teaching him about construction work, block laying, electrical work, and much more! Here he is painting the new school in Miracle Village.

Stanely is painting the new school for Miracle Village.



Mikael is one of the oldest boys at our Love A Child Children’s Home. Four years ago he completed the highest grade in Haiti’s Philo (12th Grade) Secondary School, and graduated second in his class!

Mikael is one of the oldest boys at our Love A Child Children's Home.


Mikael has been working very hard at the university studying civil engineering; he is entering his third year. He comes back to visit us and talks to our other children about working hard in school so they can also seek a higher education. Mikael talks about getting a good education to fulfill their dreams, as he knows how important it is for the young people of Haiti to have a better future.

He is working very hard at the university studying civil engineering


We need a miracle for all our orphan children to fulfill their dreams, as many of our older orphan children have done. We have more Haitian children who will soon be ready to go to college or technical schools. Please consider contributing toward our College Fund by calling the Love A Child office at 239-210-6107 or click on the Donate Now below. Their college funds help with food, transportation and housing, which is so, so expensive, not to mention their uniforms, books, and so much more.

Child Sponsorship is one of the greatest blessings in the world. Each day, hundreds of poor Haitian children leave their mud huts, and their “empty bowls” to walk across the mountains to a beautiful Christian school! They receive hot meals, a Christian education, medical checkups, and most of all they have sponsors who “really love them.” These children will someday change lives, and maybe even the world. Pray about SPONSORING A CHILD today.

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God bless you all for caring so much about the children here in Haiti.


Medicine for the Poor

September 14, 2017

“And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”

— James 5:15

Woman getting medicine for sick child


For most of the people in Haiti, medicine is out of reach for the poor. The lack of available health care facilities, medical practitioners, and proper medication makes it nearly impossible for the poor to receive decent medical care throughout their lives.

Hundreds of people line up to see the doctor.


Haiti has the worst health care record in the Western Hemisphere. The infant mortality rate is almost ten times higher than the rate in the States, while the death of women in childbirth is fifty times greater, with many babies cared for by grandparents, or some other family member, who cannot afford to feed another mouth.

Grandmothers bring children to see a doctor and receive medication.


This poverty is a breeding ground for conditions that spread diseases like malnutrition, tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. Most people in Haiti do not have access to basic health care. Love A Child developed a Community Outreach to bring health care and badly needed medication to those who have nowhere else to go.

Love A Child brings badly needed medication to the poor.


Through our Medical Outreach Program that includes the Jesus Healing Center, our Malnutrition Center and the many Mobile Medical Clinics in the remote areas of Haiti, we bring health care to the poorest of the poor.

Sherry with young patient and mother to receive medication.


We need your help! Children are dying from common illnesses, colds, fever, impetigo, infections, and wounds, just because there is a lack of medicine. This poor young girl came to a recent Mobile Medical Clinic suffering from severe infections in her sinus, lungs, and ear. She had a very high heart rate, and we knew we had to get her to a hospital right away, as she would have died from the infections that could have been treated with over-the-counter medications.

Sick young child arrives at clinic.


The family could not afford to go to a healthcare facility, which would have been 4-5 hours walk from their village. So this little girl was severely ill and needed immediate attention.

Poor Haitian family with sick child.


Other common conditions we encounter are impetigo, open infected wounds that had become gangrenous because they have no medicine for many of the illnesses that could be treated by over-the-counter medications.

Treating impetigo at a mobile medical clinic.


Love A Child puts together Family Packs to give to poor Haitian families that contain the basic care for wounds, impetigo, coughs, colds and fevers. These packs include things like cough syrup, aspirin, antibiotic creams, bandages and other items that can give basic care, before the condition turns into something that requires hospitalization or amputation of a limb.

If she only had medicine to treat the cut that turned into a limb amputee.


Our Family Pack of common medicines such as aspirin, antibiotic cream, worm medicine, bandages, cough and cold medication for each family that comes to one of our clinics. We also include essential vitamins for malnutrition.

Medicine packed and ready to go to a remote village.


Family Packs (Paké Fanmi Medikaman in Creole) save lives, and we continue to give them out at Mobile Medical Clinics, and to those who visit the Malnutrition Center too.

Family Packs (Paké Fanmi Medikaman in Creole) save lives.


We have a great need of medicine for Family Packs throughout our ministry. We are seeing improvement in the families that receive these bags of medicine. We are looking to our many partners, sponsors, and friends to help us put together these bags of medicine and vitamins for the poor.

 Great need of medicine for Family Packs.


Love A Child is considered the most trusted source for Community Health Care in the Ouest region of Haiti. It is one of the more challenging outreaches we do, but we have been able to make a difference to the people of Haiti on so many different levels. Families that receive care through our health care programs have no money, very little food and live in extremely remote areas. Most of the Haitians in this region have never seen a doctor in their lifetime.

Huge crowd waiting to see doctor.


We recently welcomed Steve Stirling, President, and CEO of MAP International — “Medicine for the World.” Steve had polio and was raised in an orphanage. They have been donating wonderful medicines to us since the earthquake of 2010! They have the very best medicines for third world countries like Haiti. God bless this wonderful organization!

Steve Stirling, President and CEO of MAP International — “Medicine for the World.”


Please consider contributing to our Special Needs List that saves lives in Haiti. You can sponsor a “Family Pack” for a gift of only $20. This is a pharmacy in a bag and helps Haitians relieve common ailments such as cuts, colds or headaches.

  • You can sponsor a family pack of medicine, giving basic over-the-counter medication and supplies for only $20.
  • For only $52 you can deworm 300 children that desperately need it.
  • Your gift of $1,000 will sponsor a Mobile Medical Clinic for a remote village. This includes medicine, vitamins, and other supplies.
  • A gift of any amount will help us provide emergency care, like sending someone to the hospital. Please consider how you can improve the life of someone in Haiti.

You may give securely online, or if you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call
(239) 210-6107 or email us at [email protected]

Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner, as the need is far greater today than ever before.

Donate Now - Make A Difference in HaitiWe also have a great burden for medical professionals for some of our upcoming trips to remote villages. Please consider becoming a team member on one of our Mobile Medical Clinic trips to Haiti. We need doctors, nurses, and dentists, but we need “hands-on workers” too. Please contact Shar at (239) 210-6107, if you are in good health and interested in a life-changing trip. Thank you.

God bless you and thank you so much for your compassion, on behalf of the poor in Haiti.


New School in Rural Haiti

August 23, 2017

“For he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children: That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children: That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.”

— Psalm 78:5-8

High in the mountains and into the regions beyond, is the small village of Savaan Pit. We had built a school here many years ago.

The village and school in Savaan Pit.


You may remember our old school at Savaan Pit, and how it was destroyed by the earthquake and then further damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

Damaged school in SAavan Pit.


We are building a large Love A Child School for several hundred children deep in the mountains of Savaan Pit. Faith doesn’t know we don’t have the money!

Old Love A Child School in Savaan Pit.


We are building the new school next to what remains of the old school.

Damaged school after Hurricane Matthew.


Some of the workers are getting ready to lay out the foundation for our new school.

Rebuild the damaged areas of the old school.


We are now raising the money to rebuild the damaged areas of the old school and a new building for more classrooms. While we are working on the school, some of our Love A Child students are attending their classes in a rented house in the area.

Children attending a temporary school.


We have the foundation laid out but are waiting for the rains to stop so that our trucks can get there as it is very high in the mountains. We have “some funds” to start the wall, but are lacking help with this project.

New school construction.


Today, Love A Child brings hope to over 8,500 children in our 18 schools through our Child Sponsorship Program. When a child is sponsored, he or she is provided a Christian education in a caring, loving environment, and fed a hot, nutritious meal. For most of these children, this one plate is the only food they will eat all day. The new school will hopefully be ready for the start of the school year in September. We have so many children who want to attend the school, but their families don’t have the money.

Happy children attending school.


Most Haitian parents have never been to school. And they cannot afford to put their own children in school. This young mother told us she knows how important school is, “I didn’t go to school but I know there are many things that I could have done… I will never have the opportunity to realize my dream. Putting my kids in school means that I can give them a piece of paper and they can read it to me. It’s unfortunate that I cannot put them in school because of the money.”

Illertarite haitian mother.


These children dream about going to school. They are hungry to learn. This young man told us, “If I don’t go to school then I’ll lack the knowledge to do a lot of things in life.” School is so important for Haitian children, to “lift them up from the dunghill.” Thirty-five percent of Haitian youth are unable to read.

Some poor children cannot attend school.


Child Sponsorship is so important in helping these precious children of Savaan Pit. Even though the old school is under construction, these children come from many miles around to attend the temporary school, and they all want an education. It means so much to the children of Haiti. These young children travel by donkey to reach their temporary school everyday.

Young children travel by donkey to reach their temporary school.


We need your help to complete this new school. It will be a bigger school and will be able to accept even more children. All children have hopes and dreams, and we need child sponsors to help these children reach their potential. Without education, many are destined to follow their parents further into poverty.

Thankful children of Savaan Pit.


Pray about SPONSORING A CHILD today! You may give securely online or if you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call (239) 210-6107.  You can also email us at [email protected] Each day, hundreds of poor Haitian children leave their mud huts, and their “empty bowls” to walk across the mountains to a beautiful Christian school! These children will someday change lives, and maybe even the world.

Donate Now - Make an Impact today

God bless you all for caring so much about the children here in Haiti.


New Homes for Families Living in a Cave

“For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.”

— Psalm 27:5

On October 4, 2016, a Category 4 hurricane hit southern Haiti. It left deadly destruction and a massive loss of crops and animals. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians lost everything. We have shared with you about the people living in caves in the hills of Jérémie, Haiti because of Hurricane Matthew.

Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.


We learned about these poor people living in a big cave when our good friend, Joel Trimble, called us in tears one day to tell us about this tragedy. He was calling from a cave with many Haitian families living inside because they had lost their homes in the hurricane. The cave sits in the mountainous area of Fond Rouge, south of Jérémie. Life in the “cave” was dreadful.

Poor people living in a big cave.


Immediately, we sent food, clothing, tarps and some baby clothes. Two months later our truck made another trip to this area with more food, supplies and even toys for the children. Over 60 children were living in the cave.

Over 60 children were living in the cave.


When Bobby visited the cave, he had to crawl around on bat feces and urine; it was very damp from the dripping water. He promised these poor people that we would build them new houses. Here is a video of Bobby in the cave.

Bobby visited the cave.


How could we help these people? They had nothing left; all their houses were gone. We partnered with Joel and Yvonne Trimble by sending food, clothing, and water to them, but it was no longer enough. God expected more of us. We wanted to build “each family” a small block home. We prayed that we could help this community of abandoned people.

Homes destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.


In the meantime, Bobby went back to the Jérémie area to visit the Haitian families living in the cave. He took them food and Creole Bibles. Imagine how these poor people felt going outside the cave to read their very own Bibles! These Bibles and food gave them hope, and the Haitians say, “Hope makes us live!” The trip was long, and the cave was difficult to get to, but it was well worth it! These Creole Bibles (5,000 of them) were donated by Pastor Gregory Dickow of LifeChangers International. This group was such a blessing during these difficult times!

Haitian families living in the cave. Bobby took them food and Creole Bibles.


We want to thank all of our partners for their gifts, large and small, who helped sponsor houses for the families living in the cave in southern Haiti. We pledged to help Joel build 50 houses for 50 families. The cost was $4,200 for each house, including labor, materials, and transportation. God bless you all for hearing the cry of the poor!


“And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.”

— Matthew 8:20

The workers tried very hard to get the houses built.


The Lord met our goal of enough funds to build 50 houses for the Haitians. We sent money to Joel and Yvonne Trimble of Haiti for Christ to build the new houses. The workers tried very hard to get the houses built as quickly as possible. The heavy spring rains slowed down the construction. This blockhouse is one of the first houses built for one of the families.

This blockhouse is one of the first houses built for one of the cave families.


The two-room blockhouse construction is much stronger than their previous homes. This style is the standard home construction used for the poor in Haiti. It will offer much-needed protection for each family, and a safer place to raise their children.

The two-room blockhouse construction is much stronger than their previous homes.


We are so thankful to Joel and Yvonne Trimble for letting us share in this project. The homes are being painted now and, by faith, furniture put inside!

New home for woman who was living in a cave.


These are just some of the precious families who were living in the cave and now have new homes. They are so thankful that so many of our sponsors responded to our plea for help for these Haitians who had nothing. The families, especially the children are so excited to be moving into their new houses soon!

precious families who were living in the cave and now have new homes bless the Lord.


Thank you all for donating the money to build all 50 houses for the cave families! The goal has been met. But we can’t stop now! We need your help. We want to paint all the houses in the beautiful tropical colors of Haiti.

Build and paint all 50 houses for the cave families


This Haitian couple, with several children, has a new sturdy home in this community of Fond Rouge. Now, we need to buy furniture and household items for every house. Faith doesn’t know that we don’t have the money.

From the caves to new sturdy home in this community of Fond Rouge.


Bobby says, “These people have changed his life forever.” By faith, we will give the money to Joel and Yvonne to put new furniture in each house and have them painted.

We need furniture, bedding, and cooking tools for all those living in the cave.


Imagine living in a dark, dirty, and dingy cave in Haiti for nearly a year, after a struggle with a “killer hurricane.” You lack clothing, and everything is scarce. Then, someone brings nice, new clean tee shirts! We take so many things for granted! NRECA International sent these wonderful tee shirts for the “Cave People!” Jonas, who works for Joel Trimble, personally drove eight hours one way with these shirts and some food for them! Thanks to all of you at NRECA International!!! The people of Haiti say “thank you” too!!!

wonderful tee shirts for the “Cave People!”


On a recent trip to the Fond Rouge area, we checked on the houses going up for the cave families. The construction boss told me that by the end of August, all the houses would be finished. Some are being built in very hard to get to places unless you are a mountain goat!!

Checking on the houses going up for the cave families


We hope to visit with the cave families and see how all 50 houses are coming along. Soon, they will all be inside their new homes. I heard that some have already moved in. These people are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in Haiti.

We hope to visit with the cave families and see how all 50 houses.


The need we have that is heavy in our hearts now is to supply furniture ($750.00) for each house. If you feel that God is touching your heart to sponsor necessities such as furniture, clothing and cooking tools for a family, or part of one, please call our office at ‪239-210-6107 and let a staff member know that you want to help. You may also give securely online. God will bless you back, 100-fold according to Psalms 41:1-3.

Donate Now - Make A Difference in HaitiGod bless you all,


Our Legacy – Food for Life

July 23, 2017

“But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.”

— Matthew 13:8
Love A Child Agricultural Training Center.
“Bringing forth good fruit…”

Food for Life garden


This summer, we opened our “Agricultural Training Center” to poor farmers from surrounding villages by starting our new Agricultural Extension Training program! The ATC-Extension Program is the brainchild of our Assistant Executive Director, Rad Hazelip. He is the “Papa” of this wonderful and successful Agricultural Training Center (ATC) program.

ATC-Extension Program is the brainchild of our Assistant Executive Director, Rad Hazelip.


Helping Haitians help themselves is what our ATC is doing! Wilner Exil, Director of the ATC created a new three-week residential training and internship program where villagers can be sponsored to come live, train and work at the ATC. This program is our first sponsored ATC-Extension group and the sponsored students came from several different villages around Haiti.

residential training and internship program


This training teaches these remote villagers methods of sustainable gardening for their families and their villages, including such things as how to make compost, making homemade fertilizers and insecticides, using drip irrigation, seed saving, soil preparation, water conservation, and even making “gardens” without soil. Their lessons include hands-on gardening but also “classroom” work as well.

lessons include hands-on gardening but also "classroom" work as well.


Imagine that you are living in a very poor village in Haiti, and you and your children haven’t eaten in several days. Constant hunger pains are what it is like for more than half the families living in the poorest villages. Our Feeding Program reaches out to them, but how can we help them feed themselves?

Children haven’t eaten in several days and suffer constant hunger pains.


At one time, Haiti was known as an agricultural nation. Only 30 percent of the land is now considered suitable for agriculture. Erosion is severe. We want to teach Haitians that they can become farmers again by improving the soil, and then return to Farming God’s Way to provide for their families.

 Farmers improving the soil.


The highest form of helping people is to help them develop their full potential for creating a sustainable improvement in their living conditions. The Agricultural Training Center is doing just that with this new three-week ATC-Extension Program. We are training Haitians to be better farmers and improving their gardens to produce more food for their families and the community. This is our Food For Life Initiative.

This is our Food For Life Initiative.


The students are learning a variety of sustainable methods for having successful gardens in the tough conditions in Haiti. Here they are learning soil science and how to prepare good soil medium to grow optimum vegetables.

How to prepare good soil medium to grow optimum vegetables.


One of our most successful gardening projects for these villagers is the “Tire Garden” method, as shown by Rad and Wilner, our ATC Director. We re-purpose old tires, turning them into fruitful gardens, by turning them inside out and filling with homemade soil from composting Moringa leaves and other vegetation waste.

Successful gardening projects for these villagers is the “Tire Garden” method


Students are having a great time preparing old tires for their Tire Garden project. This will be so helpful when they start putting together their own gardens when they return home.

We re-purpose old tires, turning them into fruitful gardens.


By creating tire gardens, Haitians can utilize the good soil that can be made from composting, with elements from Vermicomposting (worm farming), and Biochar made from agricultural waste, and is rich in carbon and holds moisture and beneficial microbes in the soil for thousands of years. Wilner has introduced tire gardens along with preparation of the existing soil to improve traditional vegetable gardens, sometimes allowing gardens to grow where normally they could not exist.

Haitians can utilize the good soil that can be made from composting.


The students are also learning about drip irrigation systems, which will be very important as they create their gardens back in their villages. Water is scarce in Haiti, and many of the people who live in the “regions beyond” have to hike long distances to get even a little water.

 drip irrigation systems


Drip irrigation is the most effective and efficient way to provide the plants with critical water. Here the students learn to assemble Chapin drip kits, and then install them to the new planting beds.

Drip irrigation is the most effective and efficient way to provide the plants with critical water


They are also learning how to make raised planting beds, which will use heavy mulch to keep the soil cool and retain moisture.

How to make raised planting beds,


The students study, work, live and worship together in the new bunkhouse. They are so happy to be here and appreciate this opportunity to learn how to help their villages have better lives.

The students study, work, live and worship together in the new bunkhouse.


This new ATC Extension Program helps Haitians in poor villages and remote areas become sustainable farmers so that they can better feed their families. We started a project in the old village of Letant, teaching these new methods. We want the Haitians to learn from this village extension project and then, in turn, help their neighbors and other members of the community. Look what’s growing in Letant! We hope that as students return to their villages, they will teach the same methods, and hopefully spread success. This will make a huge impact on the health of the Haitians in fighting malnutrition, and the economy will improve as well.

We started a project in the old village of Letant, teaching these new methods.


In Letant, we brought in one of our composting methods, the “Arborloo.” An Arborloo is a communal composting toilet that is re-locatable, which provides improved hygiene and sanitation for a village and also provides “fertilizer” for planting trees.

An Arborloo is a communal composting toilet that is re-locatable.


As their new crops grow, they will feed their families, and what the families don’t eat, they will now be able to sell in a marketplace. These gardens will improve the economy in their community, while also fighting malnutrition in their children.

As their new crops grow, they will feed their families. Food for Life.


Each successful graduate from this program will receive vegetable garden seeds from Hope Seeds, drip irrigation kits from Chapin Living Waters and basic garden tools from Z23 Super Hoe to take back to their villages. Look at the result of this sustainable gardening method. When you help the Haitians learn how to work with their soil better, you can see how God starts the cycle of Blessing. Thank you, Rad, Wilner, and our sponsors for the dedication in helping Haitians help themselves. Hopefully, these young Haitian boys (below) will learn about farming from those who have taken the ATC-Extension training, as they bring their knowledge to the next generation.

Young Haitian boys will learn about farming from those who have taken the ATC-Extension training.


After an intensive three weeks of learning many new techniques of sustainable gardening, these seven students received their Certificates of Completion from Wilner, their teacher and Director of the ATC. All will take their new skills back to benefit their entire villages. This has been a very gratifying experience for these village representatives, and we are thankful to the organizations that sponsored them to attend.


We are planning our second session to begin in late September, so we need eight more sponsors who see the long-term value in providing this training for helping Haitian villages. Please contact Rad Hazelip or Mike Sullivan at the Love A Child office at 239-210-6107 to learn more about how $725 will sponsor each of the next deserving Haitians for this outstanding “Food for Life” opportunity. This is the kind of huge impact your gifts of support can have for the people of Haiti. Thank you for caring and sharing to help improve so many lives.

Donate Now - Make A Difference in HaitiGod bless you,


Jesus Healing Center Second Quarter Report for 2017

July 15, 2017

Update on the Jesus Healing Center for April, May, and June:

The Jesus Healing Center becomes…the Hands of the Good Samaritan.

See how the Jesus Healing Center is saving lives and touching the poorest of the poor. Our doctors and nurses use their talents, and then, God uses their hands, as He did the Good Samaritan.


In the last several months, we have seen a great increase in the number of patients that have come to the Jesus Healing Center. The patients go home and tell everyone, “Those people at the Jesus Healing Center really care about us. They treat us like ‘rich people.’ This is the best clinic around!” For the poor, it is rare that they are treated with such tenderness and care. These people are not “numbers” to us… they are our “neighbors.”


Our Jesus Healing Center Staff has a hard time, “just opening the gate” to let the people into the center!


Some people come early before daylight and sleep on the ground in front of the gate. There are pregnant women, elderly, return patients, and new patients. So, our Clinic Staff made separate lines for all the people.


Barbara MacMannis, our former Medical Administrator, retired June 1st and we miss her, but the clinic is running “unbelievably” well! Nixon Louis, our Assistant Administrator, is doing a great job! I go by to visit the patients, and all the staff each morning. I always tell the patients that “God has everything under control,” and that “the devil is a loser!” They love to laugh and smile, even in their misery.


We are so thankful for the generous monthly support from Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope. This is such a blessing and helps us meet the needs of the poorest of the poor. Thank you also for the wonderful Mobile Medical Clinic Teams that you send to us each year, who minister to thousands!

Thank you also, Hand of Hope, for the beautiful new van that you donated this year! This not only helps us transport patients for treatments, (such as HIV, physical therapy, etc.) but also helps us transport some of our staff, who live a long way from the clinic. Thank you! This is another miracle from God!

Patient Care

There are always people in the Emergency Room, most are motorcycle accidents, and there are many who have complications from diabetes.

Here are just a few of the patients that we see every day at the Jesus Healing Center.

Ketro Senise came to the center…Just look at his poor foot. This man lives in Miracle Village, near Love A Child. He developed diabetes a while back, but was negligent in staying with his medicine and care. Now, his poor foot will probably need to be amputated.


A young mother, 33-year-old Marie Carmelle Remelus, came all the way down from some of the highest mountains. She lives in Fond Verette. She has heart complications; notice her swollen legs and stomach.

She just recently had a baby. Heart problems are very serious here in Haiti because “heart surgeons” do nothing for free. These people have no insurance. So, it is left up to our staff of doctors to determine how we can help this mother in the best way.


This is little six-year-old Julie Boine who sat and cried for a long time. She had broken her toe and severely damaged it by dropping something “very heavy” on it. The doctors are with her as I am writing this…


Twenty-three year old Vernice Larose came to our Maternity Center, which is inside the Malnutrition Center. However, the baby girl “decided to come early!” There was a flurry of nurses on hand, as the mother began to give birth in the examination room. In Haiti, there is no “privacy” so there were people “coming in and out,” while the nurses were there with the doctor! Three babies have been born at the clinic during this quarter.


Madamn Larose left with a beautiful baby girl, and lots of new baby clothes and blankets from Love A Child. She will wait to name the baby for several months. This is a Haitian Custom because “you never know if the baby will live, or not.” If the baby lives, she will be named after her father. If his name is Robert, she will probably be named “Roberta!”


This is Mark Francersima, and he also suffers from diabetes. His foot had a severe infection and two toes were lost, but now the staff at the Jesus Healing Center is treating him. He is thankful for the loving care he received at the Jesus Healing Center.


Unfortunately, our Ultrasound broke down, and we didn’t know if it could even be repaired. However, God provided a miracle through Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope! We thank Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for the donation of the Ultrasound!!!! Our doctors will be thrilled!!!

Love A Child and the Jesus Healing Center thank Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for the faithful, continued support. It is through your generous monthly support that the clinic not only sustains but also continues to find new and better ways to serve the community in which we live in a loving way. The Jesus Healing Center brings hope to the sick and desperate people of this struggling country. Your graciousness allows us to continue as a competent, and effective form of health care for people who would otherwise have to travel many hours for the medical care they need. God bless you!

In just three months, our staff treated 5,814 patients, and this included doing their labs and giving them needed medications.

Ambulance/Van: We have made 30 trips to the hospitals in the last three months. When patients are taken to the hospital, we must send money for food, someone to care for them, and cover all their medicines. Many times, we must pay the hospital bill depending on which hospital they are sent. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for this van. It is making a difference in so many lives. We also thank all of our wonderful partners who “put their hearts together many years ago and helped us build this beautiful clinic.”

We love you all “so much!”
Bobby and Sherry Burnette

Camp Hope

July 7, 2017

“Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

— Matthew 9:37-38

Camp Hope comes to Haiti.


What a week we had with the wonderful youth mission team from Texas. Debbie Click from the Click Family Foundation brought a unique team of missionaries to our Love A Child Orphanage. They held a summer camp for our children, Camp Hope in Haiti, a ministry to children!

Lave A Child Orphans and mission team girls.


The Click Family Foundation Youth Mission team goes to countries where kids have no opportunity to experience the joy of a kid’s summer camp. They transformed our orphanage to look like a big camp for a week.

Young missionaries and our orphan kids.


This mission team brought everything they needed with them in a big box. It included sports equipment, colored team t-shirts, wrist bands, written curriculum (in their native language, of course), drama props, awards, trophies, and seriously giant puppets, Alexander the Duck and Wrong-Way Dog (he’s always going the wrong direction)!

Kid's Camp in a Box


There were so many activities for the children, including sports and leadership training, music, singing, Bible quiz teams, the “Gospel in Crayon” coloring book and fine arts. Each camp day ended with a Kid’s Crusade!

Camp Hope Kids Crusade


The team brought lots of joy to the children here at our Love A Child Orphanage. Just look at the smiling faces of our orphans!

Love A Child Orphanage and Camp Hope


The children were so excited about this program. And what a great learning experience for them, and the mission team.

Love A Child orphans playing at camp.


This camp was a great opportunity for our older orphans to understand the many ways one can worship. Here are two of our Love A Child orphans with some team members.

Orphans and team members


This creative team brought Camp Hope to the children in Fond Parisien with puppets, singing, Bible stories and much more.

Puppet play at Camp Hope


They taught dance worship to our teenage girls… it was beautiful!! They held skits, drama, and singing! This camp was a new experience for our orphan children. We were so blessed to have this mission team with us for a week.

They taught dance worship to our teenage girls


Debbie Click and her Click Family Foundation Team blessed hundreds of children, as well as their parents. It was a well-planned team, very humble and hard working, and a joy to have them here at Love A Child!

Debbie Click and her Click Family Foundation Team


There are opportunities throughout the year for young missionary groups to come to Love A Child. We are so grateful that so many of you have the love and compassion to help us bring some hope and dignity to these poor people of Haiti. We work to ease the suffering of thousands of children in Haiti every year.

If your mission group would like to help us in Haiti, please contact Shar at [email protected]

If you would like to make a contribution, please consider a monthly donation to feed the poor in Haiti. It makes such a difference in the lives of these poor people.

Donate Now - Make A Difference in Haiti
To speak directly to one of our staff members, please call: 239-210-6107 or email us at: [email protected].

God Bless you,



Feeding Programs Save Lives

June 30, 2017

“And he dealt among all the people, even among the whole multitude of Israel, as well to the women as men, to every one a cake of bread, and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon of wine. So all the people departed every one to his house.”

— 2 Samuel 6:19

Feeding multitudes in Haiti


When Bobby and I first came to Haiti many years ago, we were so sure we could bring the people of Haiti to Jesus, as we preached to the poorest of the poor in the “regions beyond.” Then one night, near the end of one of our crusades, a young Haitian woman held up her baby and said, “If God is so good, why is my baby so hungry?” This changed our ministry in Haiti forever.

Child starving to death, needs Feeding Program.


Just as there are several types of malnutrition, Love A Child has many ways of tackling one of the biggest problems in Haiti—the need for food. The erosion across the country makes growing crops all but impossible. Most of Haiti’s food must be imported, and it is too expensive for most poor Haitians.

Outdoor market in Haiti


Feeding Programs

Feeding Programs in Haiti require a lot of work! It is quite a job just to get our food released from Haiti’s Customs and transported to Fond Parisien to our Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. Then the food has to be trucked (by four-wheel-drive) deep into the mountains where the majority of our poor school children live. The food is cooked over open fires, the old-fashioned way, and we hire local women to cook the food for the children.

Haitian ladies cooking for the children in the Feeding Program


There’s nothing beautiful about poverty or hunger. This mother and child are just some of those we want to feed at least one hot meal every day. Let God open your eyes to the “cry of the poor” today, as this may be your neighbor or the woman on the street. Let your heart be open.

This mother and child are just some of those we want to feed at least one hot meal every day


Feeding Programs in Schools

Love A Child feeds and educates over 8,500 poor Haitian children daily throughout our 18 Christian Schools in Haiti. We feed the children who attend any of our Love A Child schools through our Child Sponsorship Program, so they all receive one hot meal a day. We also send them home with food, so the whole family is receiving some food support too.

Feeding School children


For many of our students, it’s the only meal they will eat that day. Beyond filling their bellies, these nutritious meals fuel their developing minds and bodies, giving them a chance of reaching their full potential. There is nothing in the world as precious as the “smile of a child.”

School Feeding Program


Feeding Programs in Villages

It’s hard to believe that there are children and toddlers all over Haiti, who are so hungry each day that a handful of mud helps to keep their hunger pains away. But we see it all the time. Children and babies with dried mud caked around their mouths. It is so sad!

 Hungry children eat a handful of mud to keep their hunger pains away.


Our Feeding Program outreach goes to many poor villages in the “regions beyond.” These poor people have nothing. In the village of Sapaterre, the land of Bon Bon Té, we started with a box of food. Each month we would return to the village to bring more food. As missionaries, we’ve found that it is easier to “win someone to the Lord” while demonstrating the love of God. Many of the people of Sapaterre have since come to the Lord. We now have a lovely church there, and hopefully a school soon. We also held a crusade and a Bible distribution a couple of months ago. These are such wonderful people!

Food distribution in Sapaterre


Food Distribution Center

The Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center holds all the containers of food that are shipped to us from the States. Each month, over 80 organizations come to pick up their food, which includes orphanages, schools, and other missionary groups. Thank you, Jentezen Franklin, for our Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center!

Food Distrubution at Love A Child


Each month we receive 7-8 containers of food from Feed My Starving Children. This food is wonderful, nourishing and changes the lives of children who are hungry and starving. Thank you Feed My Starving Children, and thank you, partners, for sponsoring the transportation of all these containers of food each month. We could not do this without your support.

Food from Feed My Starving Children


Here is one of the missionary organizations that we help each month by sharing our food that we receive from Feed My Starving Children.

Mission feeding hungry children


Hope For Life Children’s Home is just one of the orphanages, of which there are many here in Haiti that is included in our food distribution each month. Look at the smiles on those precious faces!

food distribution each month to orphanage


Malnutrition Center

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children here in Haiti. Many children suffer from malnutrition, and as a result, their hair turns red and brittle. Their little bodies either become bloated or emaciated and they often die before the age of five.

Many children suffer from malnutrition, and as a result, their hair turns red and brittle.


At the Malnutrition Center, each child receives great medical care, and the family receives lots of nourishing food to take home for their babies and toddlers. We provide specialized food and attention to save lives.

Malnutrition Center feeding program


Mobile Medical Clinics

When we go into the “regions beyond” to take Mobile Medical Clinics way up into the mountains, we also bring food to feed the many families that are barely surviving in so many of these poor, mountain villages.

Feeding people at a Mobile Medical Clinic



It is our intention to help Haitian families get the nutrition they need so that their children are growing up strong and healthy. Haitians are not looking for a handout, but a hand-up. They are hard-working folk. Love A Child’s highest goal is to help the Haitian people become working, viable members of society and to create sustainable improvements in their living conditions. But we can’t do this if the people are starving.

Community Gardens

Our Feeding Programs are the “bridge” that brings the Haitian people to development and sustainability. We work very hard to teach the Haitian people how to help themselves. We are starting to see improvement in the area of food security, especially through our efforts with the Agricultural Training Center (ATC). We are now branching out to the people of local villages with new methods of planting and growing their food.

Our feeding program is the “bridge” that brings the Haitian people to development and sustainability


Helping Haitians help themselves is what our Agricultural Training Center is doing! We offer several different programs to reach out to young and old alike. Our 2-year program for Etudiantz En Argo-Ecologie (Students of Agroecology – the study of ecological processes applied to agricultural production systems), teaches Haitians the best way to improve food gardens so that they can feed themselves, their families and their community.

Agricultural Training Center classes


Grand Miracle Market

This marketplace provides a safe and convenient location for local families to sell what they produce while attracting customers with a variety of products and services. It was designed with the idea of transforming lives. It provides jobs as well as a clean, spacious environment in which Haitians can sell poultry, fish, produce and goods created through Love A Child’s “Food for Life” sustainability programs.

Grand Miracle Market


With its proximity to Miracle Village, it is not only an excellent way to create jobs in the community, but it also makes everyday shopping more affordable and accessible to the local Haitians in the region. It is bringing hope to the community.

Feeding the local people of Fond Parisien, Haiti


Food For Life Program

By teaching the Haitians that they can improve their soil and raise their own food through some of the new methods in use at the Agricultural Training Center, we are setting them on the course of self-sustainability by planting Community Gardens. Hope Seeds has been instrumental in partnering with Love A Child by donating seed packets to those who wish to grow their food. Our ATC Director, Wilner, hands out seeds for growing fruit and vegetables to his students.

Food For Life Program - Hope Seeds


They are also learning about irrigation systems to help their plants stay alive in the hot, dry environment of the Fond Parisien region. Water can be a rare commodity here, so we are teaching our students to conserve water, along with composting and other methods of improving their food security.

Feeding a community.


Poul Mirak Co-operatif

The Poul Mirak Co-operatif (Miracle Chicken Co-op) is a unique social enterprise model established as a project for gaining self-sustainability and dignity through enterprise. It operates in conjunction with and in support of Gwo Maché Mirak. This one-of-a-kind model for long-term sustainability relies upon focused donor support to provide the foundations of infrastructure and working capital to begin a broiler growing operation. These five eager locals were picked to join the co-op. We equipped, trained, and now mentor these five members who are doing an excellent job managing their successful chicken business on their own. We offer a hand up in lifting their community out of poverty. Our Chicken Co-op is another very successful example of our Food for Life Program.

Poul Mirak Co-operatif (Miracle Chicken Co-op) is a unique social enterprise model as Food for Life.



This is Charles and his wife from Sapaterre, the mud cookie village. They worked hard in the dirt and clay mines underground to bring up the dirt to make mud cookies for many years. We started with the first box of food and began feeding the village. Then, we conducted a crusade right inside the mud village, and many were saved, and God blessed us with a new church. Charles became a Christian and God gave him two oxen, and he named them “Christ is Able” and “God is Good!” These two oxen have made it possible to grow his first garden! God also blessed him with a motorcycle! Recently, he and his wife came to Love A Child to give an offering to the Lord… Guinea Hens!! Charles and many others who have returned to farming are now able to feed not only their families but also their community.

Charles became a Christian and God gave him two oxen, and he named them “Christ is Able” and “God is Good!”


In the last two years, we have seen a tremendous improvement in the malnourished children in areas that are now growing their food. Our Feeding and Sustainability Programs have changed many lives, but they are also helping Haitians in this area to gain hope and dignity as a people. The children eat healthy food so that they can do well in school. By feeding people in the villages and showing them they can grow their food too, we see an overall improvement in their health and desire to do more with their lives, and helping other Haitians.

Growing spinich in a "Tire" garden.


With your help, we run monthly farming classes, produce an agricultural radio talk show, and spread critical agricultural reform awareness throughout various communities in Haiti.

Donate to our Agricultural Program

Helping the people of Haiti consists of giving relief, helping them to recover, and then assisting them to develop toward self-sustainability. But we first need to feed many poor families and children so that they can regain their health through our Feeding Programs. At Love A Child we believe that sharing food is the perfect opportunity to share God’s message. Thank you, everyone, who helps sponsor the food to come from the States to Haiti for the poor children living in the “regions beyond.” You are helping to feed thousands of hungry, poor families and children each month!

Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner.

Your support will save a life!

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God bless you,