09-22-2017 - 9:21 AM

Wow! Heaven came down at the Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in St Louis, Missouri! Twenty-three thousand people were present. Joyce Meyer spoke on having a good attitude. Really a great message! Next year, the conference will be in Tampa, Florida. You should try to go and be blessed! Tomorrow, Sherry and I will return to Haiti. Bobby

09-22-2017 - 6:06 AM

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 — I believe more in things not seen than things seen! Get ready for the Lord to give you a miracle today! Bobby

09-21-2017 - 6:22 PM

This young boy is David Desir, though we call him Ti David (Little David). He was born into a very large family as the seventh child. It was just too much for the family, and they could not take care of him, so he was given to a neighbor who would care for him. After a while, the neighbor could no longer feed him, so they took him to the Department of Social Services to see if they could find a place for him. This poor little guy was just passed around and was not receiving the proper care. The Department of Social Services contacted us to see if we had room for one more orphan, and we did. He is very happy to be living at Love A Child Orphanage with Mommie Sherry, Poppie and all his brothers and sisters. He is such a sweet boy, and loves going to school. God bless you, partners, for saving another life. Sherry

09-21-2017 - 12:31 PM

We are so proud of Dieuferly, Fabienne, and Georges, three of our children from our Love A Child orphanage. They passed their “Philo test,” which was very, very difficult. Dieuferly is studying videography and editing; Fabienne wants to go to college to become a dentist, and Georges is attending classes at Haytrac to get his diploma for operating “heavy-duty equipment.” Passing the Philo test in Haiti is a major accomplishment. We are so proud of our kids, and we wish to thank our Love A Child Partners and Sponsors, who made this all possible!!! God bless you and thank you!!! Bobby and Sherry

09-21-2017 - 11:55 AM

Sherry and I want to give the Lord thanks and thank you for your prayers. I got up at 2:00 AM this morning and saw Hurricane Maria hitting Punta Cana, Dominican Republic hard where our Love A Child Missions House headquarters is for the Dominican Republic. We had staff inside. Just heard from them and all are fine! PTL!! Two weeks ago, when Hurricane Irma passed through Fort Myers, Florida, the eye went right over the top of our Love A Child office with Rad, Sandra, and staff and friends inside with no problems! Would you believe they never lost electricity!!! Bobby

School Starts for Miracle Village Children
09-21-2017 - 8:37 AM

“A Child without an education is like a blind man, walking in darkness.” The children from Miracle Village and the surrounding areas are so thankful for their new, beautiful school!! Haitian children love school! It is “more valuable than gold,” to them! We want to thank Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for sponsoring this new school, and thanks to all of you who worked so hard on it! Bobby and Sherry

09-21-2017 - 6:07 AM

“God gave him another heart…” 1 Samuel 10:9 – We all know the story of how God chose Saul to be king of Israel… Years ago, an elderly lady friend of ours shared a story. Her daughter had gotten pregnant, had a baby, and had to come home to stay with them. But the lady’s husband (the girl’s father) was furious because she had a child out of wedlock. Grandpa would never hold the baby or talk to him. It broke Grandma’s heart. So, she began to pray that “God would give her husband another heart.”
One day, as Grandpa walked by the cradle, he stopped, and the baby smiled. He leaned down, picked him up and began to hug him. He cried and cried. From that day on, he was “Grandpa’s boy.” That loved one you have been praying for, God can give him or her another heart. There is no one “bound by alcohol or drugs, or bound by hatred that God cannot change.” Be encouraged! God can even give your enemy “another heart.” Blessings! Sherry

Jean Edwouard
09-20-2017 - 6:24 PM

I think you will remember this young man. This is Jean Edwouard, and he has been living at the Love A Child Orphanage for many years. His parents were killed in a hurricane and Jean Edwouard was left to live with relatives in the old village of Le Tant. When we found him, he was a restavec (slave child) for his relatives. This often happens in Haiti. The family makes the child cook meals, care for younger children and do a variety of other chores. Jean Edwouard looked so sad and skinny when we saw him building a fire to boil water. He was very thin, and we could tell he wasn’t getting proper nutrition. His aunt allowed us to take him to the orphanage where he has received lots of love, three meals a day and a good Christian home. Jean Edwouard is growing into a fine young man. He loves going to school and enjoys his huge family. Thank you partners for changing another life in Haiti. God bless you. Bobby and Sherry

09-20-2017 - 1:50 PM

Mark Ostrander left Haiti early this morning to be with his son, Jared, who will need surgery. We just got the report today. Please remember Jared in your prayers. He was supposed to have surgery at 11:30 AM today, but they have postponed it. They are waiting on blood work results; please pray. Sherry and I just landed in St. Louis, MO for the Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference. We will be going right back to Haiti. Bobby

Article about Truittier
09-20-2017 - 6:01 AM

Broken Focus: “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall…” 2 Peter 1:10 — Today, don’t let your focus be broken. It’s so easy as you walk toward what the Lord is calling you to do, to let friends, circumstances, or problems break your focus. Stay on course! Bobby