Hard Working Painting Crew
09-16-2017 - 3:41 PM

Today, our painting crew worked hard on our new school in Miracle Village! Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope sponsors this beautiful school! Mark Ostrander designed and did much of the work, along with his son Jesse, and our Haitian crew. Today, three of our Love A Child kids volunteered and worked hard. Jean Edwouard, Stanley, and Joseph, along with our regular hard-working painting crew, have been working for days doing a great job and, our wonderful Haitian Construction crew! Thanks again, Hand of Hope! Bobby and Sherry



Women want to start a business
09-16-2017 - 1:59 PM

Poor mothers in Haiti struggle to feed their children every day… It is the same thing, day after day. “What will I feed my children today?” That is why we have begun a project to help mothers get started in a small business. It helps them buy food, pay for school and most of all; it gives them “dignity!” We want to thank our partners, who have begun sponsoring “mothers” for jobs!!! God bless you, Bobby and Sherry

09-16-2017 - 6:00 AM

“The Decoy…”

Every one of us has had an experience in our lifetimes of serving the Lord… And then, the devil sends us a “decoy.” Maybe you were called of God to do something, and then you met that good-looking man or woman and they pulled you off the track or that job or that “something.” In Judges 16, the devil sent Sampson a beautiful woman named Delilah. She wanted to find out “where his strength was,” and after begging, pleading and only Heaven knows “what else,” Sampson told her his secret. The Bible says that Sampson said, “I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself. And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him.” Judges 16:20

This cost him his relationship with the Lord and his two eyes. In the end, he repented, the Lord forgave him, and he killed more Philistines in his death than in his lifetime. Beware of the “decoy” that the devil sends your way and stay “focused” on the Lord, and obey Him, at all cost. Have a great day! Sherry


Update on the New House for the Cave People
09-15-2017 - 1:31 PM

Last year after Hurricane Matthew, our dear friends Yvonne and Joel Trimble told us about people living in caves in the mountains of the Fond Rouge area. Sherry and I felt the call of the Lord to help these people living in caves and left homeless by Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to our Love A Child partners, we sent $250,000 to Joel and Yvonne to build homes and help furnish them for these poor people. We have completed 30 houses, and have 20 that are almost completed. What a blessing for these families!

We still need funds for additional furniture. If you feel the calling of the Lord to help with this project, please visit www.loveachild.com or call the Love A Child office at 239-210-6107 and let a staff member know you want to help. Bobby

Update on Baby John Doe
09-15-2017 - 9:04 AM

Baby John Doe, who was abandoned on Tuesday morning, has serious malnutrition and stomach problems. He is constantly whiny because he is hungry, yet he vomits everything. He will be sent to Ebenezer Hospital over the weekend with one of our orphanage moms. He is so sweet. I think we should call him Joshua Burnette. What do you think? Sherry

09-15-2017 - 6:12 AM

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” 1 Corinthians 16:9 — When I was much younger in the Lord, I used to think when the Lord made a promise or opened a wonderful door, I would just go and step into His glory without any battles. I soon found out how wrong I was! When God promised the Promised Land to Moses and Joshua, they soon found out they would have many adversaries! They had to fight the giants, Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Amorites plus many more just for starters! Face cities with high walls! PTL! They won the victory because the Lord was with them. The Lord is also with you and me! Let’s take what God says we can have! Bobby

Update on Georges
09-14-2017 - 3:00 PM

We are so proud of Georges, who is now 19-years-old. We got him when he was a baby. His mother gave birth to him during “Hurricane Georges.” She died after his sister Stephanie was born. His father could not take care of the children. Georges can drive “heavy-equipment” machines, like front-end loaders, backhoes, and others, but we wanted him to get his Diploma from Hay-Trac. They are teaching him how to take care of this equipment, how to fix things that break, etc. He will “Graduate” in six weeks. Then, he can go on to learn something else. With these degrees, he can get a job anywhere!!! We want to thank you, for your Child Sponsorship that has changed another life!!!  Georges is hard working, very respectful, plays the keyboard and drums, and just is a great kid!! We are so proud of him! Bobby and Sherry

Read Sherry's Journal today
09-14-2017 - 2:00 PM

For most of the people in Haiti, medicine is out of reach for the poor. Many people in Haiti do not have access to basic health care. Love A Child developed a Community Outreach to bring health care and badly needed medication to those who have nowhere else to go. Love A Child also puts together Family Packs to give to poor Haitian families that contain the basic care for wounds, impetigo, coughs, colds, fevers and much more. Read Sherry’s Journal today to learn how you can help Love A Child and the poor people of Haiti. Bobby

Birthing Kits
09-14-2017 - 11:00 AM

We are always in need of “Birthing Kits” for mothers who are being cared for at our Clinic, but will have their babies at home, in mud huts, or “lean-tos.” Here is what we need in the Birthing Kits:

Birthing Kits:
(Please send items inside a pillowcase.)

  • One newborn outfit (a “onesie” and stocking hat)
  • Feminine pads and two receiving blankets
  • Small plastic basin and a bar of soap
  • Single-edged razor blade
  • Two 10” long pieces 1/16” cotton cord
  • Disposable newborn diapers and one cloth diaper
  • Absorbent underpads
  • Baby shampoo

These birthing kits save lives. A “clean razor blade” is better than a rusty tin can lid, or a rusty knife! This is a great project for your Church or Ladies Group! Send Birthing Kits to:

Love A Child
12411 Commerce Lakes Drive
Ft Myers, Florida 33913

Thank you, and May God richly bless you!


New baby born at JHC
09-14-2017 - 8:00 AM

Yesterday, I told you about the sweet Haitian lady who was “outside the gate” of our clinic, and began to have her baby. Our doctor and nurses grabbed a wheel chair and got her inside but that baby came fast!!! Here he is…a little cutie!!! What a blessing for this mom to have her baby in a clean clinic room with doctors and nurses there in case of an emergency! She was so, so thankful. She will probably not name the baby for several months. This is the custom of the mountain people. We are really feeling that the Lord may want us to build a Birthing Center here, but that is in the Lord’s hands. God bless you friends and partners! Sherry