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Clothing and Blanket Donations to the Poorest of the Poor

December 8, 2016

“For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”

— Deuteronomy 15:11

Poor Haitian children in mud hut


Among the poorest of the poor, there is always a great need for clothing and warm blankets, especially now. For most of the people who live in the mountains, it can get very cold at night and the children sleep in their clothes in dilapidated mud huts. They huddle together at night on a straw mat to try to stay warm.

Sleeping on straw mats in mud huts


These poor children in the mountains of Haiti live in a remote area called Nangad. They have little contact with other villages. Two of our Haitian workers went to this village to give them beautiful handmade pillowcase dresses and new tee shirts from our friends at Lutheran Missions Attic Workshop and St. Charles Borromeo/Hope for Haiti. Thank you for clothing the poor. They were so thrilled to get new and clean handmade clothes!!!

New clothes for poor Haitian children in Nangad.


We want to thank Free Chapel’s Clothe A Child Project for these very cute dresses that all our orphan children just love.



Every year as we get all the children ready for the new school year, shoes are one of our biggest needs here in Haiti because they all must wear black shoes for school. These are hard to find because kids in the States don’t wear black dress shoes to school! We are so thankful to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church for their donation, and special thanks to Scott and Emily Reese for making sure these shoes got to Haiti! This was an awesome gift for our Love A Child orphans and other schoolchildren.

Black shoes for school for haitian schoolchildren


We had a wonderful time distributing tee shirts and baseball caps donated by World Vision!

Baseball caps and tee shirts for Haitians donated by World Vision


We took these to a very poor area of Haiti and did the distribution inside their church! It is amazing how happy a nice and new clean tee shirt can make people feel! “Love is something you do!” Thank you, World Vision!

Hats donated by World Vision


We wish to thank Saints of God House of Worship Missionaries for their sweet gift of hats for the Haitian ladies. These hats went to our friend Diddi Washington of Mission Haiti Helping Kids. They were distributed to some of the “Church-going Mamas” in their area. Haitian ladies LOVE to dress up for church! Thank you Saints of God House of Worship Missionaries! A job well done!!

New hats for some Haitian woman


All the children at our Love A Child Orphanage were blessed again when Derek Carr donated Nike shoes to all of them. They also received soccer balls as well, which will get plenty of use, as it is a beloved sport by many Haitians. Thank you Derek for keeping our Love A Child orphans in your heart.



Thank you, partners, and thank you World Vision for the donations we received for the poor here in Haiti. We sent blankets, towels, sweaters, and even some handmade blankets to the people of Peyi Pouri. This is one of the poorest areas of Haiti. It is also on top of a mountain and it gets very cold at night. The little children shiver because of the cold. We have no words to say “thank you!” These items were new, FIRST CLASS and simply beautiful! Imagine how the people and children felt! Thank you World Vision.

New blankets for the poor in Peyi Pouri.


Hurricane Matthew hit this remote area hard, and many people lost the roofs of their houses and much of their clothing was scattered by the wind.

Hurricane damaged house in Peyi Pouri


After the hurricane, so many people who lost their belongs during the storm are in desperate need of blankets and warm clothing as we head into the cooler winter months here in Haiti. Our need is so great right now! Please pray about sending clothing, blankets, hats, coats and shoes to Haiti for the poorest of the poor who have lost so much.

Hurricane damage in Peyi Pouri, Haiti


We wish to thank our partner Sharon Denning for the precious blankets that we received! We sent our Mobile Medical Clinic Team all the way up the mountains to the people of Peyi Pouri.

Handmade blankets for poor Haitian children.


They distributed these blankets to the poor families with children. What a wonderful blessing! Now that the weather is getting colder at night in the mountains, the children really need blankets.

Handmade blankets for the poor.


We were so thrilled to receive more new blankets from World Vision! They have been sending donations of clothing and other items to Love A Child for many years! We took these blankets to the mountains of Peyi Pouri, where it is cold and damp. The little children have nothing warm to wear to sleep in. These blankets will save lives, especially among the youngest babies and the elderly.

New blankets from World Vision.


We recently visited the tiny village of Fond Michelle where Sister Adeline, a woman of God, is caring for 25 poor children under a church covered by a tarp.

New shoes for the orphans of Sister Adeline.


Several members of our Mobile Medical Team brought new tennis shoes, barrettes, bows, pillows and soccer balls for the poor children. The youth who attend Donnie and Debbie Click’s church, Humble First Assembly of God near Houston, Texas, sponsored the shoes. They raised the money and had their photo inside the plastic bags with the shoes! What a wonderful time we all had “caring for the poor.”

New shoes for the children of Fond Michelle.


We still have a great need for clothing, quilts, and blankets for the Haitians that lost everything during Hurricane Matthew. If you would like to make a contribution to the poorest of the poor in Haiti, please consider a donation of clothing, blankets, etc. It makes such a difference in the lives of these poor people. Perhaps you can start a clothing drive in your church or community.

If you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call 239-210-6107 or email us at


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