Jesus Healing Center Second Quarter Report for 2017

July 15, 2017

Update on the Jesus Healing Center for April, May, and June:

The Jesus Healing Center becomes…the Hands of the Good Samaritan.

See how the Jesus Healing Center is saving lives and touching the poorest of the poor. Our doctors and nurses use their talents, and then, God uses their hands, as He did the Good Samaritan.


In the last several months, we have seen a great increase in the number of patients that have come to the Jesus Healing Center. The patients go home and tell everyone, “Those people at the Jesus Healing Center really care about us. They treat us like ‘rich people.’ This is the best clinic around!” For the poor, it is rare that they are treated with such tenderness and care. These people are not “numbers” to us… they are our “neighbors.”


Our Jesus Healing Center Staff has a hard time, “just opening the gate” to let the people into the center!


Some people come early before daylight and sleep on the ground in front of the gate. There are pregnant women, elderly, return patients, and new patients. So, our Clinic Staff made separate lines for all the people.


Barbara MacMannis, our former Medical Administrator, retired June 1st and we miss her, but the clinic is running “unbelievably” well! Nixon Louis, our Assistant Administrator, is doing a great job! I go by to visit the patients, and all the staff each morning. I always tell the patients that “God has everything under control,” and that “the devil is a loser!” They love to laugh and smile, even in their misery.


We are so thankful for the generous monthly support from Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope. This is such a blessing and helps us meet the needs of the poorest of the poor. Thank you also for the wonderful Mobile Medical Clinic Teams that you send to us each year, who minister to thousands!

Thank you also, Hand of Hope, for the beautiful new van that you donated this year! This not only helps us transport patients for treatments, (such as HIV, physical therapy, etc.) but also helps us transport some of our staff, who live a long way from the clinic. Thank you! This is another miracle from God!

Patient Care

There are always people in the Emergency Room, most are motorcycle accidents, and there are many who have complications from diabetes.

Here are just a few of the patients that we see every day at the Jesus Healing Center.

Ketro Senise came to the center…Just look at his poor foot. This man lives in Miracle Village, near Love A Child. He developed diabetes a while back, but was negligent in staying with his medicine and care. Now, his poor foot will probably need to be amputated.


A young mother, 33-year-old Marie Carmelle Remelus, came all the way down from some of the highest mountains. She lives in Fond Verette. She has heart complications; notice her swollen legs and stomach.

She just recently had a baby. Heart problems are very serious here in Haiti because “heart surgeons” do nothing for free. These people have no insurance. So, it is left up to our staff of doctors to determine how we can help this mother in the best way.


This is little six-year-old Julie Boine who sat and cried for a long time. She had broken her toe and severely damaged it by dropping something “very heavy” on it. The doctors are with her as I am writing this…


Twenty-three year old Vernice Larose came to our Maternity Center, which is inside the Malnutrition Center. However, the baby girl “decided to come early!” There was a flurry of nurses on hand, as the mother began to give birth in the examination room. In Haiti, there is no “privacy” so there were people “coming in and out,” while the nurses were there with the doctor! Three babies have been born at the clinic during this quarter.


Madamn Larose left with a beautiful baby girl, and lots of new baby clothes and blankets from Love A Child. She will wait to name the baby for several months. This is a Haitian Custom because “you never know if the baby will live, or not.” If the baby lives, she will be named after her father. If his name is Robert, she will probably be named “Roberta!”


This is Mark Francersima, and he also suffers from diabetes. His foot had a severe infection and two toes were lost, but now the staff at the Jesus Healing Center is treating him. He is thankful for the loving care he received at the Jesus Healing Center.


Unfortunately, our Ultrasound broke down, and we didn’t know if it could even be repaired. However, God provided a miracle through Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope! We thank Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for the donation of the Ultrasound!!!! Our doctors will be thrilled!!!

Love A Child and the Jesus Healing Center thank Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for the faithful, continued support. It is through your generous monthly support that the clinic not only sustains but also continues to find new and better ways to serve the community in which we live in a loving way. The Jesus Healing Center brings hope to the sick and desperate people of this struggling country. Your graciousness allows us to continue as a competent, and effective form of health care for people who would otherwise have to travel many hours for the medical care they need. God bless you!

In just three months, our staff treated 5,814 patients, and this included doing their labs and giving them needed medications.

Ambulance/Van: We have made 30 trips to the hospitals in the last three months. When patients are taken to the hospital, we must send money for food, someone to care for them, and cover all their medicines. Many times, we must pay the hospital bill depending on which hospital they are sent. Thank you Joyce Meyer Ministries—Hand of Hope for this van. It is making a difference in so many lives. We also thank all of our wonderful partners who “put their hearts together many years ago and helped us build this beautiful clinic.”

We love you all “so much!”
Bobby and Sherry Burnette

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