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Volunteers for Love A Child – Part Two

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

— Mark 16:15

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands.
You need to be able to throw something back.”  Maya Angelou

(Continued from Volunteers for Love A ChildPart One)

NFL Players

Bobby and our friend Joel Trimble went to meet this volunteer team at the Port-au-Prince Airport. They picked up David George and some of our friends that are NFL football players. Thank you, Joel, for all your help. This team of football players was made possible by David George and David George World Ministries.  The team included Latavius Murray, Running Back for the Minnesota Vikings; Jamize Olawale, Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys; Derek Carr, Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders; Taiwan Jones (not shown), Running Back for the Buffalo Bills; and Brandon Jones, who was a College Quarterback.


All the Haitian children loved this team of volunteers who were so generous with their kindness and love. God bless these NFL players!


These volunteers, along with David George went to the village of Letant to minister to the children. They also ended up playing football with the kids!!!


The sweet Haitian people came from all around; even down from the mountains to hear Derek Carr preach his first sermon overseas. Many came to know the Lord! Jesus was the star!


We traveled with David George and the football players to Peyi Pouri for our feeding program. The hungry children and their families waited patiently with a bowl of hot, delicious food in their hands, until “everyone was served.” That was so touching…


We are so proud of these young men who are blessed and who are celebrities, yet, very humble. God bless them! These guys impressed us with their sweet, humble spirit, and their love of God and the love they have for the poor. We are so thankful for their volunteering spirit to reach out to the poor here in Haiti.


Please watch this video of the NFL players and be blessed! You can be a great athlete and be a great Christian representing Jesus Christ too!


Volunteers from Washington State

This group of volunteers from Washington State was here to build houses for the poor in Miracle Village. They came to build two homes in two days. We were moving one family from the garbage dump into their new home at the end of the week.


Praise the Lord! Look what happened in two days! They painted the houses too!


The next day we brought furniture into the new homes, and a day later the family from the garbage dump moved into a new “home sweet home!” Thank you, Terry Panagos and Graeme Spotts, from the state of Washington for raising funds to do this project. We also had Robin Panagos, Pam Hoag, Ronald Murray, and Paul Carlson from Washington here. We also had Michele Aloe from Las Vegas, Nevada and Diatra Pein from Idaho. They were walking the dog! Thank you, and God bless all the hardworking Haitian staff.


Oh, what a joyous day! The Vela family moved from the garbage dump into a new home with new furniture! They brought tears to our eyes. One young girl looked at me and asked, “What is this?” I told her, “It’s a bed you will sleep in!” She had never slept in a bed in her life!!! Thank you to our Haitian construction team for working day and night. Thank you to Mark Ostrander, who designed and oversaw the building of the houses. Love Is Something You Do!


Life Changers International Church

The Life Changers International Church team came to Haiti to minister to the people here. Pastor Gregory Dickow visited us during the Pastors’ Conference and donated Creole Bibles! What a great team they were, helping with the three-day Pastors’ Conference while Pastor Gregory Dickow ministered to pastors from all over Haiti.


They distributed Creole Bibles in several villages and prayed with all the families. They went to the Voodoo village of Chambrun, where we spent hours going door-to-door and hut-to-hut giving out Creole Bibles and praying for each household! Oh, they loved their Bibles! We prayed for everyone. Special thanks to Pastor Gregory Dickow and his church team for the donation of the Creole Bibles! What a blessing!


The Life Changers International Church team did a great job on their first-ever visit to a real “Voodoo village.” We’ve never been in a Haitian village with so many Voodoo crosses everywhere! We are claiming Chambrun for Christ! Thank you to this team for all your hard work reaching out to the poor with Creole Bibles in Haiti. The members included Pastor Gregory Dickow, Brandon Gurule, Abe Sexson, Alex Serrano, Caleb Cleghorn, Carla Clavien, Izzy Perez, Jack Redding, Joel Aviles, Melanie Perz, Olivia Dickow, Rachelle Youngberg, Sammy Baca, Teo Samanamud, and Rob Dickow.


Feed My Starving Children Volunteers

We welcomed the volunteer team from Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and its CEO/Executive Director Mark Crea, who is standing with Bobby in the picture along with his volunteer team working at our Food Distribution Center. We just love FMSC and the excellent work they do, not only in Haiti but also around the world. We have been partnering with FMSC for 18 years.


Our friends from FMSC went with our Love A Child team to visit Madamn Adeline’s Orphanage in Fond Michelle. A new orphanage was recently built there with the help of some of our Love A Child partners! The kids were adorable!!! They had big plates of food and a lot of hugs and kisses for the visitors!


The Feed My Starving Children team had a wonderful time at our Malnutrition Center weighing babies, giving out food and helping the mothers and their babies.


We took the volunteers to our Love A Child School in Lastik, Haiti. Mark Crea and his team loved serving the children their hot meals! I remember when Mark first came to this school in the very beginning when we started the first feeding program for our schools. The children were all in bad health with red hair from malnutrition. Oh my, look how the FMSC meals have changed their lives. No red hair, just healthy and happy children!


Thank you to the Feed My Starving Children volunteers, for making a difference in the lives of so many children here in Haiti. What a great team of volunteers including Mark Crea, President/CEO; Cole Haglund, Cade Haglund, Drew Bandusky, Jim Dondlinger, Kari Roin, Kevin Reed, Mandy Schlegel, Mike Ellis, Natalie Reed, and Paige Haglund.



Click Family Foundation

We are so very thankful for this wonderful high-tech team that Donnie and Debbie Click brought to Haiti. The IT team members included Ryan Gabbard, Britni Durham, Abbey Want, and Matheu Scott. They pulled off the tough job of installing security cameras throughout our Love A Child Village. They were also doing an inventory of the clinic depot, and clinic pharmacy, and much more! They were usually working on demanding tower installations, but we wanted everyone to know what a great job they did! And of course, Kaeli was with them helping all the way! Great job! We look forward to having them come back soon.



New York Dream Center Volunteers

We welcomed the New York Dream Center team to Love A Child. It was a great week of evangelism, food and clothing distributions and ministry to children! The team included: Carrie Nichols, Becky Kaskel, Daniel Gonzales, Dorianne Blair, Najja Plowden and Samantha (Sam) Abel! God bless this sweet team! They traveled to Lastik and Peyi Pouri to distribute food and clothing. Here they are visiting the precious orphans at Madamn Adeline’s new orphanage in Fond Michelle.


We feel so blessed to have all these volunteers come to Love A Child. They bring such love and compassion to the Haitians, who have so little. Please consider bringing a group of volunteers to join one of our Outreach Programs. Not everyone has to be a medical professional! Just about anyone can bathe a child, hammer nails, paint a house or feed a village. We always need extra hands delivering God’s message to the poor people of Haiti, and showing them the love of Jesus.


When God uses your hands, your feet, and your heart… He works through you. By participating in a mission trip and working with your hands, whether it is construction, a medical clinic or feeding a hungry child, you are letting the light of the Gospel shine through! There is something for everyone to do! You will come to help others, but in the process, your life will be forever changed. To join a mission team, please contact Shar in our Florida office at –

If you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call (239) 210-6107 or email us at

God bless you all,



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