Miracle Village Church on Solid Ground

mv.quotePeople living in Miracle Village needed a permanent place to worship. After the earthquake in 2010, a large gospel tent was set up and served as the church for several years. Every Sunday, people gathered under the tent and sang praises to the Lord. Over and over, hurricane-force winds and rains tore down the tent, but somehow the villagers always managed to put it up in time for Sunday service. The people prayed for a church building that could withstand bad weather.
In due course, their prayers were answered.

Our gospel tent was destroyed because of strong winds and hurricanes.

Miracle Village Church – with a capacity of 1,000 – has become a centerpiece of the village’s Christian community. Huge crowds gather for worship, and on several occasions, overflow crowds made it necessary for worshipers to sit on the covered terrace outside the church! Villagers take great pride in their church and actively participate in caring for the building, landscaping the grounds, and praising our Lord!

The new Miracle Village Church was built with the generous support of
Love A Child’s partners and friends.