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Update on Jackson…Emergency!

Many of you know our sweetie, Jackson. We found him during our Mobile Medical Clinic in Savaan Pit, in the mountains of Haiti.

He had severe kwashiorkor…His belly and face were swollen, and he was nothing but “water and bones.” We took him in and had him on medicine for a long time and he was doing good. We had a good pediatrician for him here in Haiti. He was diagnosed with “Corticoresistant nephrotic syndrome.” But when he turned 14, his pediatrician said he “was too old” and sent him to another doctor. Whatever he did or did not do, has thrown Jackson into a downward spiral. He has a swollen face, a horribly swollen belly, a high fever, and shaking almost into convulsions with horrible pain. We rushed him to the children’s hospital here in Haiti.

We are asking everyone to pray for his immediate healing and that we can find the right doctor and medicine for him. Jackson is such a quiet and sweet child. He never causes trouble and always wants to help.

Please, pray for Jackson!


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