Churches and Schools in Haiti

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Building Churches, Sharing the Word and Educating a Generation

Part of our ministry at Love A Child includes the building and ongoing maintenance of several churches in Haiti, each built by a coordinated effort to foster faith, fellowship, and an understanding of the unfailing love of Jesus Christ. Often a central place for congregation in communities, our churches provide a connection point where Haitians can find hope and encouragement in each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Love A Child-supported churches also function as Christian Schools. Our Christian Schools merit a plethora of benefits, including improving family relationships, economic mobility through job creation, and an overall promotion of community engagement for the greater good. Additionally, our schools provide nutrition, healthcare, and a sound Christian education to all students who attend. Not only does their love of Christ inspire our students to attend school, but they also receive a hot, nutritious meal every day, made possible by the continued love and support from you, our Partners. God bless you!

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