Churches in Haiti | Update

It all started with a box of food! When we do “one small thing” in the name of Jesus, great things happen.

Our Love A Child churches are non-denominational; built for the whole community to serve the Lord. They are growing very fast, even in “mud hut” villages in the “middle of nowhere” like in Old Letant, Haiti. Those who live in the mountains will find ways to go to church, it is the “one day a week” they can forget about their problems and ask the Lord for help.

Other churches are growing very fast, like our church in Villa Hermosa, Dominican Republic, where we had to limit the children coming in; “we could have easily had 200 more!” In Fond Parisien, the church has outgrown the Carpenter Shop, where the church was moved originally and was moved once again into the cafeteria building. They can now hold hundreds more!


Future plans for the church in Villa Hermosa are to build a basketball court, playground, and a Children’s Outreach building, and the church in Sapaterre is continuing to build a wall around the church to protect itself from outside gangs.

We thank our donors who gave us musical instruments that were needed for the church in Sapaterre. They can now play, sing and worship louder for our Lord!

Throughout our churches, services are held during the day for Bible teaching, pastors pray for everyone and hands out “Joyce Meyer booklets.” The churches are turned into Children’s Homes at night and serve as a “great light in the middle of darkness!”

Children love to get dressed up for church and don’t like to wear dirty shoes, rather they like to have a nice pair of shoes “just for church.”

All week long, Haitians look forward to going to Sunday’s church service; it is where they can come together in a safe place, apart from kidnappers, gangs, and violence that surrounds them daily, and focus on the Lord.

“It takes more than a beautiful church or anything else we can buy or do… it takes wisdom, love, and patience and the drawing of the Holy Spirit.”

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