Solar Power Project

We are now in the most dangerous time here in Haiti that we have ever seen…

Violent gangs are taking control of most areas of the country and blocking critical fuel delivery, resulting in widespread fuel shortages in Haiti.

This, coupled with the fact that Haiti does not pay its international fuel bill, has put us in a crisis as we have never felt before in Haiti.

(Source: Associated Press Television News)

Gangs are preventing us from getting critically needed fuel to run our generators to provide electricity for our operations. They are largely in control of the movement of goods in Haiti, and shipments of fuel have remained at ports, out of reach for citizens in desperate need of power and transportation.

(Source: Shellenberger, Forbes) PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI – SEPTEMBER 13, 2022: Demonstrators set fire during a protest against the rising gasoline prices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, September 13, 2022. (Photo by Georges Harry Rouzier/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) ANADOLU AGENCY VIA GETTY IMAGES

We will not be able to survive unless we get every building at Love A Child converted to SOLAR power.

Through many miracles over the years, God has provided us with so many buildings for our outreach projects. Not only a beautiful orphanage, which the kids call our “Children’s Home,” but God has given us a beautiful Jesus Healing Center Clinic, a Birthing Center, a Malnutrition Clinic, a School, a Church, a Carpentry Shop, and a Food Distribution Center just to mention a few.

We have many buildings that have been built by our partners through the blessing of the Lord. Every day, many Haitians rely on the services that we provide in these buildings, such as medical care and food distribution.

Our diesel electrical system in Haiti also runs our water pump, which pumps 35,000 gallons of water up the water tower three times a day, and without fuel, we cannot do that.

Without fuel/diesel, we have no water at all for our children, workers, our Malnutrition Clinic, the Birthing Center, the Jesus Healing Center, etc. We are in a very, very serious situation here in Haiti!

We must immediately begin to convert the entire Love A Child Village to solar power, and then, hopefully, also the Marketplace and Farmer John’s slaughterhouse. We have already checked with Solar Companies and compared prices to have the entire Love A Child Village converted to solar. For all of our buildings, the price for solar installation would be approximately $1.7 Million.

We will have to put in a mini-grid system, like a small city would require, in order to have reliable power for all of the buildings. When we can convert to solar, it will also be much better than the poor-quality, unreliable power that comes from the big generators.

This will save around $30,000 each month in fuel costs, and we will no longer need expensive maintenance and repairs to the expensive generators. The “payback” period for converting to a solar system for Love A Child is likely to be about two years!

Please prayerfully consider donating a gift of any amount to help us reach our solar power goals.

You may give securely online, or if you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call 239-210-6107 or email us at

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