Love A Child is a faith-based organization led by Christian missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette and staffed by a team who have a passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We focus on meeting the spiritual needs of Haitian children entrenched in poverty through:

What’s more, partnerships with organizations like Joyce Meyer Ministries allow us to distribute books filled with wisdom on God’s peace and how to seek refuge in Him.

When we step into who God created us to be, we can collectively experience joy, reinforce dignity, and serve others.

Please let the Lord use you. God can use a little or a lot. All He needs is a willing heart! If you could save the lives of these children who are your neighbors, would you do it? Would you say, “Yes?” We know you would!

Bobby Burnette's hand on Bible from the Church pulpit in Fond Parisien, Haiti
We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer, reading Scripture, and acts of service to the poor in Haiti.
Woman in Peyi Pouri holding Bible
Evangelizing to those who do not know Christ is the foundation for all we do.
Bobby Burnette preaching at Love A Child Church in Fond Parisien, Haiti
Our hope is that through our actions of evangelism we will show others God’s love and help lift Haitians out of poverty.