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Zoey… Lucky and Loved!

Little Zoey just turned a year old last month. It has been a “long year” with Zoey!

She was found abandoned on the road to “Old Letant,” a mud-hut village not far from us. Apparently, a mother who had “too many children,” just left her in the path of our vehicle when Kaeli (who was serving as a missionary), was driving. The newborn baby was brought to us and we legally had to send her to “Bien Social,” the Social Services Department for children here in Haiti. They sent her “back to us.”

Zoey has been an “extremely fussy baby,” since she was born! She cried all the time, morning and night… loud! We changed her formula, took her to our doctor, many times, and even to the children’s hospital. The “diagnosis,” was “spoiled-itis!” This is what happens when babies are carried about all day long and have to be “pushed around their stroller!” Ha! It seems that all the little girls (and older girls) had been spoiling her and she DID NOT WANT TO BE PUT DOWN IN HER BED!

However, I believe she got “converted” just recently because she is actually a sweet little toddler now and does less crying! She actually smiles and laughs and claps her hands! It is amazing and I am so thankful! She is the only child we have ever had a problem with. I think Zoey will grow up to be a good, sweet little girl!! Whew! Yes, Zoey, we all love you!!!! Sherry

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