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A Critical Need: Hematology Machines Needed…

Dear Friends and Partners,

We have not yet received anything towards these very important pieces of equipment for our Jesus Healing Center Clinic and our Birthing Center.

These two machines can give us the information to help save the lives of the poor. We need one for our Birthing Center and one for our Jesus Healing Center. Please, if God has blessed you and you can give part of the money or sponsor one machine or whatever the Lord lays upon your heart, we will make sure you will see this equipment in action!!

Any gift whatsoever will be a wonderful blessing!! We want to give the poor “the very best of care!”

Thank you, and may God richly bless you.
Bobby and Sherry

P.S. Please find the original posting details about our urgent need below:

A Critical Need: Hematology Machines Needed…

We are in desperate need of two hematology machines (with reagents) for our Birthing Center and Clinic. Dr. Barthelemy has been begging us for these two very critical machines. This is why we need them… “The blood count is an essential examination for monitoring pregnant women in our Birthing Center. Right now, we can only count 3 parameters (Hematocrit, CBC, and Hemogram). It is largely insufficient to monitor pregnant women, while with a hematology machine, not only will the results be ready quickly, but we will be able to count 18-24 parameters.” – Dr. Barthelemy

The cost of these two “very important machines” is $18,700. We need one for our Birthing Center and one for our Jesus Healing Center Clinic. Just listen to these facts on the Birthing Center alone…

From January 2022 until now, we have seen 10,024 patients in our Birthing Center. There were 72,144 appointments, delivered 702 babies, and transferred 9,322 patients to hospitals for c-sections and other diseases and life-threatening illnesses. This is just for the “Birthing Center.” (I do not have all the numbers on the Clinic at this moment, but it, too, is staggering.)

If the Lord is speaking to your heart to help, please call our office so we can keep you informed on what has come in… 239-210-6107. We will post again this afternoon!!!

This is an urgent need for both the Jesus Healing Center and the Birthing Center. Thank you for your prayers and support. Any amount you can sacrifice would be deeply and thankfully appreciated on behalf of the poor in Haiti.


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