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A Harvest of Okra… and Souls

Did you see the delicious harvest of nice fresh okra yesterday from our Agricultural Training Center gardens? Wow, who could imagine that when you teach how to grow and harvest fresh vegetables, you can also harvest souls for the Kingdom of God? In Haiti, you CAN get a two for one harvest! Our “ATC School” teaches Haitians methods for sustainable gardening, even in the tough conditions in Haiti.

Students who get sponsored to come to our 3-week course, gain the skills and confidence to return to their communities and have successful, bountiful gardens that give reliable nutrition and restore dignity. Notice the pride and joy on Augustnan’s face as he presents their harvest of okra to the orphanage. His former life of despair has transformed into one of dignity, pride, and joy as he has learned how to take care of himself and his family through gardening.

Please consider helping to sponsor students to attend our comprehensive 3-week residential training course. We have room for up to 10 students per class session, to come to learn, live and work together to gain new life-changing skills. Your gift of support for these students can help them have a way to put down their rocks of discontent and protest, and learn how to pick up their tools of self-reliance.

We want to hold another class as soon as we can register 10 students, so the registration period is open now for the next session. If you want more information or want to help sponsor scholarships for the students to attend our class, please contact our Mission Headquarters office in Fort Myers at (239) 210-6107. Ask for Rad.

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