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A Miracle on the Mountain…

How could God possibly hear the cry of a poor Grandma with four grandchildren to raise, “in the middle of nowhere?” This is Grandma Saintmene, living on top of a bare mountain, under a ripped tent, with sticks to hold it up. She sleeps inside on the ground beside her four grandchildren, trying to keep them alive since her daughter died.

She had no church nearby, no relatives, no cell phone, or iPhone to listen to God’s Word. She didn’t even have a Bible. All she had was “faith in God.” She sought out a living each day by crushing rocks and selling them, trying to feed four grandchildren on practically nothing. We sent our team to this area to see Grandma after finding out what the needs were.

We said, “Give her this Haitian Bible and $300 (USD) before you leave, and tell her God heard her and wants to bless her and help her start a business.” She got “a miracle on the mountain.”



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