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A New Orphanage for Pastor Claude Mondesir: 1-9-19 8:00 AM

Our partner, David George World Ministries, is working with us on this wonderful project building a new orphanage, which they posted yesterday:

Hello Friends,
This is the new orphanage that Love A Child and David George World Ministries are helping our dear Brother, Pastor Claude Mondesir, build for 87 orphans from Léogâne. This orphanage is four miles from the Love A Child compound. We had some wonderful friends donate $20,000 to keep this project going. We need to get these precious children out of Léogâne and get them here. Please help us build this orphanage. Bobby, Sherry, Angie and I love Pastor Claude and his incredible heart for the poor, especially the children. Bobby, Sherry, and Love A Child donated this property to Pastor Claude to build this orphanage. It will take a miracle to do this, but our God is a God of miracles. Please help us build this orphanage for these precious children!!!! Thank you!!!

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