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A Sweet Kid

Ti Daniel (Daniello) Burnette… We found him in the village of Old Letant when he was a baby. His parents were dead, and he was being cared for by relatives who lived in a mud hut. I feared that he would die, so we took him in. But we began to notice that he was not like all of the other children, and when it came time to put him in preschool it was a nightmare. He would jump out of his chair and leave! The teacher tried “tying him to the chair,” as I found out later. It took a while, but he eventually got used to school. You can say he is “mentally challenged.” Sometimes he says bizarre stuff, like “the Philistines cut my hair!” Sometimes he sleeps where he’s not supposed to! But he sure is a sweet kid! And he is very kind! We love Daniello and pray that God will touch his life! Sherry

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