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A Village “in the Middle of No-Where…”

There are many small villages “in the middle of no-where,” that are tucked away by the side of the mountains in Haiti. If someone else did not know they were there, we could have never found them… But, when working with a good local man, Pastor Souffrance, who is well respected, we find great needs that few know about. These are the people with sweet children, who work hard, and very few go to school. Good water is far away and the soil is bad, making it difficult to grow much of anything. But, there are many, many Christians in these “forgotten areas.”

This morning with our Food Distribution team, we made a journey to a small village in the mountains. We had given out “tickets for food” to 200 families and we had a feeding program for over 150 “hungry children.” We felt “so small” when these sweet people would grab us, hug us, and thank us again and again for their box of food and for feeding their children. It let them know that, “despite all the gangs and roadblocks in Haiti,” and “despite that their families are taking a beating from the insecurity in Haiti,” God still loves them, cares for them, and uses people “like you” to get food to them!

Thank you, because “God used you to meet a great need today!” The poor of Haiti are sending hugs and kisses your way! Great is your “Reward” in Heaven!

Bobby and Sherry

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