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A warm story about Mrs. Ternelie

Mr. Watson from Love A Child sent me this story from Hubert in South Haiti.

With your help, we give out meals almost every day to those in need in south Haiti where we are building the Gabion houses. This sweet lady, 80 years old, was on the street trying to find some food to eat. She doesn’t have to worry anymore. The Lord has answered her prayers!! Thank you to our friends who help make all of this possible… Love is something you do.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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On Apr 19, 2022, at 1:52 PM, Watson wrote:

May God bless you Sir Bobby, Mrs. Sherry,

This is a touching story from Hubert

Mrs. Ternelie Gratien is an old lady about 80 years old who lives in the commune of Anse-A-Veau. Our representative in the Nippes, Mr Hubert, met her on the street side between asking people for something to eat, because she no longer has the strength to work. According to her testimony, her unique child is blocked in Port au Prince because of the gangs that are on the road to go south, since then she spends days without anything to eat, though her Christian faith she prays every day and asks God to put someone on her way to help her, thanks to Love A Child and the wisdom of our representative in Nippes, she will have food for months waiting for her unique child to be able to go back home.
Thank you donors for your support, it is because of you that we are saving lives from misery in Haiti.


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