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About Pastor Sorel… Transforming Powers!!

Thank you all for your sweet notes about Pastor Sorel. There is one important thing I forgot to mention… Take a close look at his picture, you will see a “circle” on his forehead. He never wanted to talk about it much, but I had asked Fre Dodo about it. Fre Dodo was a famous witch doctor in the days of Papa Doc Duvalier. Then, Fre Dodo, ‘Brother Dodo,’ became a devout Christian and Evangelist. I asked him one day to tell me about the mark. Fre Dodo (who once was called Agi-mal or bad spirit) told me that these marks are made on the head of a small child during a Voodoo ceremony. They use a certain piece of wood that, when cut, has a round circle on it. Then, they heat the piece of wood in a fire with some type of oil and burn this into the head of the infant or small child, while twisting the stick. It is a very painful process.

But, one day, before he was a Christian, Pastor Sorel met with Jesus and his life changed. He still had the “circle mark,” on his forehead, but the blood of Jesus covered his heart! He went on to become an Evangelist and later, a pastor. This can only be done by the transforming power of the Holy Ghost!!! You may be reading this today and perhaps are thinking, “but my life is in such a mess! I’m hooked on drugs! I’m hooked on alcohol,” (or something else). You may think, “There’s no chance for me to change… I’ve gone too far!”

The answer is, “You cannot ever go far enough, to run from the Spirit of God!” He is calling you today, just like He called Pastor Sorel, saying, “Come to me!” So, if you are ready for a change, say a prayer, the best way you can. Find a good church and God will take it from there!

We want to thank David George Ministries for sponsoring the building of the Love A Child Church in Old Letant! The Christian School is doing great! There will be another pastor, (friend of Pastor Sorel’s) to take over the church!

God bless you, Sherry

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