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Always Smiling!

Always Smiling!
Many years ago, a poor pregnant woman came to our Mobile Medical Clinic in Savaan Pit, Haiti. She was very near death, pregnant, and deeply involved in Voodoo. We did all we could for her and prayed for her, and she accepted the Lord that day. She died about a week later, and shortly after, her husband arrived at our orphanage with a malnourished baby in his arms. She was covered with sores and in poor condition. Her father had named her “Kristela” or “Jesus was here.”

Kristela is “always smiling” and laughing! She’s 19 years old but looks and acts much younger! She and her “sister,” Daniella, teach the praise dances! Her nickname is “Zo Kiki”(skinny or boney)! She wants to learn physical therapy.

When Kristela is here, there is never a “dull moment!” We all love, “this thing!!” Ha! Kristela is “a mess!”
We all love her so much!


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