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An Edible Plant Nursery Project

Here is a very good example of one of our “edible plants” nursery projects, growing and propagating mulberry trees. We started this years ago, in the very beginning of the Agricultural Training Center (ATC). We started with just one donated mulberry tree, which was donated from another agricultural missionary in Haiti, Corey Thede.

Corey is an excellent sustainable gardener and enjoys working with exotic edible plants that can benefit the people of Haiti. He is the same person who gave us the bamboo. Now, we have 20, growing fruit-bearing mulberry trees and Wilner and the ATC staff are trying to make another 1000 seedlings. Once these seedlings mature some, we can give them to poor villages to grow and nurture. One mature mulberry tree can feed the children and can also provide “free” feed for free-ranging chickens. There is a lot of value to having the mulberry trees around the countryside of Haiti. They provide shade, fruit, and stabilize the soil. We thank Corey for starting us off with the mulberry tree, and thank Wilner for doing a great job expanding the program. This is a very good development project, helping Haitians to help themselves for generations to come.

Rad Hazelip, Assistant Executive Director

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