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An Orphanage in Need

As we were on our way to a feeding program the other day, a man ran out in the middle of the street and stopped us! He was frantic! We did not know him, but he knew our truck. He told us about an orphanage in great need. It is called, “La Main Divine.” There are 110 children in this orphanage, and the Haitian woman who was running the orphanage was kidnapped in Croix-des-Bouquets! That is the town where the gangs have taken control! She has been held by the gangs for a month, and the children have little food to eat. It seems that the people in the neighborhood, who are also poor, shared what little they had.

When we heard about this, we took them a lot of food. And then, we went back to take clothes, blankets, etc., and more food! The name of the lady that was kidnapped is Madamn Abraham. Please, let us all call upon the Lord to set her free!

God bless you,
Bobby and Sherry

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