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Another BIG Harvest…

Yesterday there was a lot of joy around Love A Child as the Agricultural staff (ATC) had a BIG harvest from three of their gardens: the demonstration gardens at the ATC, the teaching gardens in Miracle Village, and the large “Jardin verge” near the Children’s Home in LAC Village. This large harvest was celebrated by so many of our children and staff yesterday as the fresh produce and fruit were enough to supply three campus kitchens: The Children’s Home, the Jesus Healing Center Clinic, and the staff kitchen… known as “Big Mama.”


Wilner (Director of the ATC) was so proud to send us this note:

Dear my Big Boss, how was your day? I think everything is good. Because, God is there. Today we had a big harvest at the ATC Gardens of LAC. Spinach, Cabbage, Parsley, Eggplant, Mango, Lemon (Lime / sitwon), Okra, Papaya, etc. We provide 3 different kitchens. Children’s Home kitchen, Big Mama kitchen, and Clinic kitchen. Look at these pictures… Wow!



Our donors who help sponsor our Development for Sustainability outreaches, which includes the Agricultural Training Center, should also celebrate this BIG harvest because you have given these men their opportunity, their new skills, their renewed hope, and their ability to support themselves and many others. Remember, they produce this bounty without the benefit of fertilizers, insecticides, modern tools, etc. They make their own fertilizers and insecticides. By your gifts, you are harvesting renewed souls for the Kingdom. Thank you for your support.

Rad Hazelip, Assistant Executive Director

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