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Babies ‘R’ Our Business!!

After living and working here in Haiti for many years, we have seen a lot of “mothers and babies” who have died in childbirth because the mothers either had poor health, or the babies were born in filthy conditions! I once saw a man in the mountains run outside his hut and take a glass bottle, break it, and run inside the hut! He had already “cut the cord” with a dirty piece of glass before we could do anything! No wonder so many mothers “die during childbirth” due to unsanitary conditions, or the fact that they were in poor health and would have needed medical care.

We always try to encourage “birth control,” and even offer to provide these services for free, but “breaking through old traditions” passed down through generations to those mothers who have never been educated is very difficult. They still try to hang on to “those things passed down by generations,” such as “making the baby come quickly” with a special “tea.” However, this special “tea” raises their blood pressure and often kills the mother. This is why we provide “education” for “mothers,” and we do our best to encourage “family planning.” However, these little darlings bring such great joy to the poor. We just say… “Babies ‘R’ Our Business” in Haiti!  Thank you, wonderful partners!!!!

Bobby and Sherry

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