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Baby Bitten By Pig


Our small Jesus Healing Center is currently handling a “lot” of emergency cases. This clinic sees their share of coughs, colds, and fevers, but a good majority of the patients are “Emergencies…” and most times, the ER Section is overflowing.

This young nine-month-old baby, Gerdie Marcelus, is from the mountains of Fond Verrette. She was crawling around in the yard and was bitten by a pig on her hand and ear. It is a miracle that this was not her face! There is a government clinic down the road from us which is open, but her parents brought her all the way from the mountains to us here at Love A Child. They all know that we give the poor the “best of care.” We also have a full-time Pastor that prays with each patient.

Our doctors and nurses worked hard to give this baby the “first care line of defense,” but we still sent her on ahead to the Children’s Hospital in the event she had to be hospitalized. Now, the “old clinic” which was built over ten years ago, can no longer accommodate the flood of patients coming in daily. There is “no room in the inn!”

That is why we are building a larger “Jesus Healing Center,” which will have room for all of our doctors, nurses, and patients. We do not have the funds to finish this building yet, but as Bobby says, “Faith doesn’t know that we don’t have the money!” If any of you feel led to help in any way, please contact our LAC Office at (239) 210-6107 or go online. If you call, ask for Rad.

We want to personally thank Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for sponsoring the “monthly operating costs” of running the Jesus Healing Center where we are. Without this help, it would not be possible to provide the best of doctor’s care, lab tests, medicines, trips to the hospitals, and much more. Thank you so much!

We also thank David and Nicole Crank of Faith Church for donating our ambulance, which makes an average of three ambulance runs a day! God bless you and God bless everyone for your gifts… large, small, or the widow’s mite! Bobby and Sherry

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