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Betina & Rodna… They Have a Big, Big Family!

They could not be any closer than “two peas in a pod.” Betina and Rodna play together all the time. They play jump rope, “hand clap games,” and they are always together. Betina loves to draw and sing, and she loves to clean her room! She is also a “joker,” and can play jokes on people!!! Betina wants to be a teacher someday. She loves teaching little children and she has a lot of patience! She is in the 5th grade! She was born in Cité Soleil after the earthquake. She had come from a large family where there wasn’t enough food for everyone. She was “rescued” by one of the social workers and they brought her to our house. She is so sweet!

Rodna is a sweetie too! She is in the 6th grade. Her mother died when she was young and her father had to “borrow” the money to bury her. The man he borrowed the money from was evil, and when her father could not pay back the money, he kept the children. So, we paid the ransom money, but the kidnapper never returned the children. Rodna’s father became so distressed that he could not work. So, Rodna’s father brought her to our orphanage. Rodna loves to work too. She helps sweep and mop the floors, and she wants to be a nurse someday. Both children are “just like sisters,” as are our other children. They are growing up “in a big, big family!”


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