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Bianca…Unusually Smart, Beautiful, Talented, and Hardworking!

Bianca…What a beautiful young girl! Bianca’s situation for her, her sister Ada, and her brother Raphael was a sad one. When she was very young, we were contacted by her aunt, who told us that the parents of the children had died when they tried to make it to the States in a Haitian boat. They had been from the Cape Haitian area. Our hearts were touched, and we took in these three children.

Bianca is a very unusual girl. She is in 11th grade at school and she “loves” the hard subjects…Physics, Chemistry, etc., while most of our older children struggle with one of these.

Bianca is hardworking at the Children’s Home…she cleans, loves to cook, and loves the children. They all get along “very well!” Bianca is a beautiful girl with a “beautiful voice,” but we have only heard her sing a solo “once.” She had everyone on their feet! I have never heard a voice so “pure” and one that sounded like an “angel!” But she just will not sing a solo because she is “shy.”

Bianca studies “constantly!” I can walk in her room and she is curled up with her Chemistry or Physics book, or some other complicated subject! She was in the back seat of my truck one day with some of her “sisters.” She had a little stuffed animal in her hands, and she had cut it open and was sewing it back together! I said, “What’s with Bianca?” Her sisters laughed and said, “She wants to be a surgeon!”

I “know” Bianca will reach her dream, whether it be a “surgeon” or anything else. She is just a wonderful, sweet, girl who loves the Lord!! She is very “different” than the others…but “God has His hand upon her life!” We all love Bianca so much!!! Sherry

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