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Blankets for the Children

When I am having a rough day, I just open up my laptop and look at darling pictures of children like these, and it makes my day! These quilts were hand-made by our friends at Lutheran Missions Attic Workshop. I don’t believe we have never met these dear friends, but they such wonderful partners.

Just look at the faces of these children! We just “love” the Haitian children so much. We share what we have with other missionaries who have the same heart as ours. These children came from our friends at “Real Hope for Haiti.” Lisa and Lori have been a blessing, helping us get our new malnutrition program started, and we are so thankful!!!

We pray that you enjoy seeing the faces of these sweet children as much as we do, and we want to thank “all our friends” who make blankets, dresses, shorts, etc., for the children of Haiti!!! A clean blanket means everything to a poor child!!! We will continue to send in pictures from time to time, but we thank ALL of our partners!


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