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Blessed to Feed the Poor

Yesterday, we were blessed to go across the lake by boat to two very poor villages. We will cover the third “village” by this side of the lake tomorrow with rice, beans, cooking oil, and fresh fish.

Today, our Haitian workers will deliver food to the third village by the lake. This morning, we will travel far into the mountains to visit three new areas where they are very poor and are not receiving any kind of food. We will be taking food to these other “three new villages” within a day or so.

We purchased a whole container of food from the Dominican Republic because all of our “Feed My Starving Children” food has been stuck in Haitian Customs.

As I visit these new areas, which are so isolated and so poor, I often think, “What if God had made me live ‘there’ instead of here? What makes me ‘so blessed’ to be able to take food to them, yet they are the ones suffering?”

That’s why we love to give. Somehow and someway, in God’s mercy, He chose you and me from the foundations of the world to be on the “giving end!”

God bless you, Sherry

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