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Blessings are Coming to the Poor

Today, we are making plans for another Food Distribution in a remote area. For certain reasons, we can only say it is an “undisclosed location” due to the gangs. These precious mothers and children are suffering so much. Most of their fathers left to go to the Dominican Republic a while back and never returned.

These people have no hope because every day, the gangs make it more difficult for them to sell their small wares, tree sticks, or anything else they have.

They are so, so excited that food is coming! They will “praise God” all the way home. They will be coming by foot, by donkey, anyway they can.

Thank you, partners! We wish it were safe enough for you to be there, but we know your heart is with the poor! Psalms 41:1-3 gives Seven Supernatural Blessings to those who help and feed the poor! We pray that God will open the Windows of Heaven upon you!!

Thank you so much for your love and sacrificial help.

Bobby and Sherry

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