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Bobby… He’s Not Afraid to Get Dirty!

Here is another “Bobby Burnett.” (Haiti does not add the e on the end of Burnette). This Bobby lost his mother soon after he was born (or perhaps eclampsia) and his father also died. His grandfather did not want him and told his teenage sister to “find a home for the baby.” She found us!

Bobby has found his love as a mechanic and also working with “anything electric.” Each day, after he finishes his work at the Love A Child Children’s Home, he heads over to our main mechanic, Joker, who is from the D.R.

Bobby is always kind and helpful, plays the bass guitar in our nightly services, and when’s not busy, he is playing soccer, and he is good at it! Right now, he is in the “13th grade” at school. (In Haiti, children go 13 years instead of 12 years). He has some difficult tests to pass, but I believe he will make it! God has his hand on “Bobby Burnett!”


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