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Building a Wall

We are building a large wall around the back side of Pastor Claude’s Orphanage property. Pastor Claude is a “humble man of God,” that we have known for many years. He is “doing the work,” but we are sponsoring the cost.

He is the “fastest builder in Haiti!” He is always ready to do a project and if you even mention it, he already has his crew “ready to work!!” This huge wall is “very important” because he will be growing gardens, cows, raising goats, etc., and if there is no wall, thieves will come and steal anything and everything from his orphanage garden. He always shares what he has with our orphanage. We work together.

Building this wall also means “jobs!” Pastor Claude feeds the workers but also, they provide a great service. Since people in Haiti are hungry and need jobs, this is a blessing! There is a Creole proverb that says, “patat pa gen po.” It means, “when you are hungry, you will even eat the skin of the potato,” or, “When you are hungry you will eat anything.” Simply, it means, “you will work hard for food.” Thank you, partners, for blessing the poor and for everything you do, Bobby and Sherry

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