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By the Grace of God

Me: “Rodna, how did you get so smart?”
Rodna: “Just by the grace of God.”

I know you remember Rodna from our Love A Child Children’s Home! Rodna is one of the sweetest little girls ever! Sometimes, I think that she is an adult in a child’s body! She is EXTREMELY intelligent! She can read books that most children her age cannot, and memorize anything in an instant. Rodna cleans and works around the house harder than most adults ever would, and when you ask her how she got so smart, she says, “Just by the grace of God.” The words that come out of her mouth always amaze me because it’s something you would least expect her to say! She is without a doubt one of the smartest kids I have ever met! She is so sweet and always the first to jump on any task you give her! We love Rodna so much, and we are so proud of her! Kaeli

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