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Carlos… “He can cook, too!”

Little Carlos was about 15 months old when his mother, Jan, came to the gate of our old orphanage. At that time, we already had about 30 kids and could not take in anymore. Carlos’ mother had been sleeping in the streets with him and, she told us, “Sometimes in a cemetery.” She needed food for her and little Carlos more than anything.

After a while, she begged for us to take them in, and we did. We gave Jan, his mother, the job of taking care of twin babies, “David and Jonathan.”

When we moved to our new, much larger orphanage, it was a blessing… we had more room!

When Carlos was about 12 or 13, our Dominican mechanic, Joker, began teaching “little Carlos” how to drive the big, heavy-duty machines! I told Carlos he could not drive them anymore, but it was too late!!

Carlos speaks perfect Spanish, and he “can cook!” (Anyone who loves to eat can usually cook!!)

Today, Carlos has a job driving the heavy-duty machines. His mother and sister are staying with us also, due to gangs on the street!

I guess that when a guy is a good cook, he can make a good husband someday!


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