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Christian – A Smile Ten Feet Long

Christian was brought to our “Orphanage” when he was about four or five. The Department of Social Services brought him because his mother had died and his father was in prison for life… we don’t know why. We first noticed his talent for music when he was about five or six. We had a big Crusade in “Miracle Market” here in Haiti. They asked Christian to sing. That little guy took the microphone and really “sang!” We all felt the Spirit of the Lord, as he sang. When he got older, he found his love was bass guitar and keyboard! He is so professional!!!

During the day, he works in the Food Distribution Center, and then later, he goes to school. He is in 10th grade. Christian “always” has a big smile on his face… He will do anything you ask! He loves basketball and soccer. So far, his goal is to be an electrician! I’ve never had a kid that could melt my heart with a smile like Christian! We truly love him, love to listen to him play the keyboard, and I just wish his mother or father could have seen what he has become today.


PS: The kids gave him the “nic-name” of “Ka-ka-ya!”

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