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Clothes Make the Man!

One of our partners recently sent in some new clothes, “suits” for the boys! Here, we have Job, Noah, Moses,  Jepth-te, Peterson (two new children), Wiggins, and maybe some more!

I told the boys they could not try on the new clothes until Sunday morning. But they couldn’t wait!! When I came back from working in the Mobile Medical Clinics, little Noah was the first to meet me in the driveway and show off his new “duds!” He was so cute, strutting around in his vest and shirt, and pants!

Haitian children LOVE to dress up for church! They are proud to wear their best for Jesus! We do not know the name of the partner who worked so hard to buy one or two at a time and take them to our office, but whoever you are, may God richly bless you!!!

The boys are thrilled! We cannot thank you enough!

Bobby, Sherry, and “the boys!”

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