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Clothing for Pastor Claude’s Orphanage

We were just recently at Pastor Claude’s Orphanage. We brought candy and clothing to his children. They are so very, very sweet. Each morning they all get up at 5:00 a.m. for prayer and pray for an hour before getting ready for school. We will soon be getting the information on all these children for our Child Sponsorship Program! These are some of the sweetest kids I have ever seen in Haiti… really!!!!

Just recently, some of our wonderful partners made clothing and we brought that clothing and blankets to the children, as a special gift. Note: After I took the pictures, I realized I could not read one of the names on one of the boxes, so please forgive me… I know we received some from our friend, Elizabeth, and Cheryl, so please forgive me for not getting the last name correctly, but the Lord knows who you are!!

In the very near future, we will be posting some of these children online, to find monthly sponsors for them. Pastor Claude is not in good health and he is needing our help to keep up with his orphanage and keep his children in school. Be looking soon, for information on these adorable kids!

Thank you, everyone, for the beautiful clothes you have made by hand, as well as blankets, etc.!! God bless you and we love you! Bobby and Sherry


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