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Crisis in Haiti: 2-11-19 3:55 PM

In the morning I have URGENT NEWS to share with you about what’s been happening in Haiti these last four days. I’m shocked nothing has been on the news in America. I’m hearing that they are even evacuating the U.S. Embassy people by helicopter today. I was sent pictures…. (This has not been confirmed and could be fake news and pictures.)

Haiti is in chaos with a political and economic crisis. Sherry and I have been here in Haiti for 27 years and we have never seen it this bad. We are fine here in Fond Parisien. The people are so gracious here. The G8 group and two other groups have come to us today saying they are watching over us and we will have no problems. The Haitian people suffer so much. They deserve better than this… When you have 85% unemployment, the young people have no jobs, no money, almost no education, no future, very few have running water, hardly any electricity. Just misery and oppression every day. If this happened in America, what would happen?

I’m so thankful the Lord has put Sherry and me here in Haiti to help the Haitian people. We LOVE the Haitian people, especially the children! Bobby and Sherry

P.S. I will be letting everyone know the full situation in the morning at 9 AM on Facebook and our Latest News…

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