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Daniel… “Daniel-o”

What a precious and sweet young boy! Daniello came to us when we were working in the village of “Old Letant.” The people of the village told us that his parents died, and that they had been trying to feed him and keep him alive. But, in this village, everyone is struggling to feed their own children. He was under the age of one, so we took him in. We never realized there was anything wrong with him until we put him in school. He would not stay in a chair, and he kept leaving school. He always shied away from other children, even the other children here at our Love A Child Children’s Home. We decided that he could not go back to school. He only made it to the 3rd grade. We brought him home and put him with “Camy,” who is over the boys. We will pay Daniello a little money for his “chores.” Daniel-o, as the kids call him, loves to work, and we all love him.

He is about 10 years old now. He is learning how to play soccer with the other boys, as well as other games with the children. He loves church music and loves to work! We know God has a plan for Daniello!


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