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Daphline the Tiger

Just look at this little beauty! Little Daphline was born in the mountains of Savaan Roche, Haiti, some of the highest mountains we have worked in! Her mother died shortly after she was born and her father gave Daphline to her mother’s sister, (her aunt), whose husband had just been murdered!

She already had nine children, including a new baby, and was not mentally or physically able to raise these two babies. So, Daphline was brought to our Love A Child Children’s Home.

This “girly-looking girl” is beautiful and loves to dance… but, don’t take your chances with her on the basketball court! She is a “tiger!” She is pretty and feminine, but she is serious about winning, and she can scare her “brothers!” Ha!

She is in Junior High and is getting ready to go back to school! She is a great help to all the workers in the orphanage, and helps keep an eye on the little ones! She loves music, and especially cooking!!! And, we all love her! Sherry

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