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David Desir… He’s a Tough Little Kid

Ti David, or, “Little David,” is a tough little kid, but very, very sweet! He was the seventh child in his family and they could not afford another child. A neighbor took the baby, but after a while, she could not afford the milk and diapers. She took him to the Department of Social Services, and they called us. We took him in.

He is sweet, but he’s a terror on the soccer field! He is a good worker but loves to sleep! He cannot keep his eyes open in the kids’ 7:00 p.m. church service at night! But, he’s never sleepy when food is around! He is now 11 and in 5th grade. His jobs are cleaning and picking up trash in the yard! He’s a sweetie but “he loves to eat!!” His nickname is “Gwo Tet, or Big Head!” All kids have a nickname but they get offended if they don’t do it!


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