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Dieubon …Our Haitian “Spongebob!”

Dieubon…Our Haitian “Spongebob!”

It was just like yesterday that we saw this crippled little boy with his club feet “turned around.” We had a Mobile Medical Clinic and a friend of ours, Dr. Chester Falterman, was there working in our clinic. When he saw Dieubon (age 7), he offered to find a doctor, hospital, and care for him for his surgery. He and his wife, Debbie, took care of Dieubon for over a year until he could come home.

Dieubon also had surgery for spina bifida. He had come from one of the poorest families in the area, who lived in a mud hut! God had taken this “Mephibosheth” and put him with the best doctors and the best family that could ever have cared for him.

Today, Dieubon is all grown up! Like all the other young men in Haiti, he wants to “grow a beard” and a mustache! It seems like every young man in Haiti has a beard and a mustache. Personally, I don’t like it, but “this is Haiti.” Dieubon has a job as one of our painters! He is the first one up in the morning, ahead of all the other boys! He does his “sports,” activity and he walks all around the property!! Then, he grabs a bite to eat and goes to work. He is very careful and does his work well. He is “always smiling.” The children here at the Children’s Home always give each other a nickname… he is the “Haitian Spongebob!”

Now, how did they come up with that?? We all love Dieubon, and, oh yes, his name means, “God is good!”


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