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Dieuferly, Jackson, Philimond, and Joker…

Yesterday morning, Dieuferly, Jackson, Philimond, and Joker traveled to take the boys to their doctors appointments in Santo Domingo for today and tomorrow. The border was closed due to trouble from the 400 Mawozo Gangs the day before. God gave Philimond favor to get through the closed border yesterday. One woman wrote on Facebook yesterday, “With Philimond and God everything is possible.” Amen to that!

I wanted to share with you what Philimond and Joker look like. Philimond always drives us through and around the gangs when we go somewhere together. We never travel without Philimond. Joker is a Dominican and is our LAC mechanic. I just love Philimond and Joker.

Pray for little Jackson and Dieuferly as they meet their doctors today and tomorrow. Love is something you do…

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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