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Dorissaint… A Smile from Ear to Ear

He’s 11 years old and as smart as a whip! After his mother died, his father abandoned him. Neighbors found the baby wandering around the village with no one looking after him. They brought the baby to Love A Child, and we took him in. He loves soccer, basketball, and any other kind of sport!

Dorissaint always has a smile from ear to ear! He doesn’t mind waking up early and helping to wash the vehicles. I call him “Dori,” and he is always looking to help out, no matter what!

He keeps his closet clean; he is polite, respectful, and always kind!! He loves the Lord!!

We love him so much!


P.S. Oh yes… a nickname? The kids call him a Creole name that means “dent in the back of the head!”

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