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Earthquake Distribution Report

Today we received reports from Mayor Yvrose in Jérémie, Haiti, telling us where all the rice, cooking oil, and condensed milk were distributed.

Sherry and I were there with her in the beginning, and then after a few days, we left and she continued on. We were amazed at all the places, especially the forgotten places, where she continued to deliver the food we sent.

Mayor Yvrose sent us several pages of where all the food went. She is a strong Christian and is highly respected in southern Haiti.

Hubert sent us a report yesterday where he and Jesse Ostrander from Love A Child distributed rice, beans, and cooking oil. They worked out from Anse-a-Veau into many areas of the earthquake epicenter. Even after Jesse left, Hubert kept on distributing our food. We were amazed at how many areas they distributed food to. So many “forgotten areas” where no one goes. Thank you also to Philimond and our Haitian son Carlos for your help.

Now, Hubert has men out “pre-planning” where all the tents will go… there are so many totally collapsed areas. It has been shocking!
Soon we will be distributing over “2,100 plus” tents. Sherry and I will be there helping put up these tents. We can’t wait!

Thank you to all of you who have helped make all of this possible.

Love is something you do! – Bobby Burnette

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