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Edeline’s Story

Eleven-year-old Edeline (the one in the dirty purple t-shirt), will wake up this morning as she does every day. You see, Sunday is no different than all the days of hunger she experiences. While we will be getting dressed for church and maybe a lunch out, at a restaurant after church, she and her seven siblings will have the same clothes on that they wore yesterday.

Where Edeline lives, there is no church, no restaurant, and nothing that could bring happiness into her life. Only one of these children has a “Birth Certificate,” and none have been to school. Her father left their mother for another woman, so he can no longer help support the family. He left his family to go to the Dominican Republic but he will not be back. Her mother will go to the mountain today, to try to gather sticks to sell in order to buy a little “food for today.” There is no “tomorrow” for Edeline, because Edeline and her family just live “from day to day.”

So, you can tell your children and your grandchildren, that this family of children has never had a “new t-shirt,” or a “new pair of shoes,” and they have never, never had a “plate of food,” only handfuls. These children would consider it a real treat to be able to get dressed for church and walk there, with shoes on their feet. She is “one reason” why God has called us together, to work for the poor, Sherry

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