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Ericka… A Sweetie!

It would be hard to pick out the “sweetest and most loving” child here at our Love A Child Children’s Home, but it would be a close tie and probably end with Ericka. Ericka is always smiling and laughing, and even though she cannot speak well, she talks with her heart! She is now 17 years old and in the 5th grade.

Ericka’s mother died with what we believe was “childbirth fever,” eclampsia. Someone had been taking care of her, but when we arrived, she was full of sores, had malnutrition, and was constantly crying. We found another lady to care for her, but it was too much for her and she brought Ericka back to us.

As she grew older, we realized she had developmental issues and could not talk. We sent her to a speech therapist here in Haiti, but she did not do well with them. So, we just brought her to the orphanage. We put her in school for a few years, but she didn’t do well there either. She made it to the fifth grade, and we just decided to keep her at the orphanage and let her work with the ladies.

However, Ericka insisted on going to school, even though the other children were much smaller and younger than she was. She had it in her mind to go back to school! Ericka is as “strong as an ox!” She loves working with the older ladies and they call her “Madamn Jeune” (as a lady working with kindergarten children). We do not know what plan God has for Ericka, but He must a have a good one!


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