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Ericka… aka “Madamn Jeune”

It’s hard to believe that our little Ericka is now 17. When we found her, she was covered from head to toe with sores. She cried all the time. Her mother had died shortly after her birth, probably due to eclampsia.

A lady who tried to take care of her (but couldn’t) brought her to our orphanage.

Ericka has always had speech problems, along with developmental issues. For a while, it was difficult for her in school. We thought about taking her out and paying her to work a little around the orphanage, but she insisted on going to school!

Ericka is now 17 and in 4th grade. She doesn’t care what people say about her. She also has a nickname (as all the kids at the Children’s Home have). They call her, “Madamn Jeune” after a lady that has been working with kindergarten children. But, she is doing well in school. She is basically happy, hard-working, and as strong as an ox! When she hugs me, she practically crushes me! Ha! We love Ericka!

She has had challenges, but she loves the Lord and has complete confidence in Him!


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